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Healthy New Year

Looking to start some healthy new habits? If you want to take on a new exercise, try out some healthier habits, or treat yourself a bit better, just take a few small steps and see how it goes. Here are a few Grommets to get you started.

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Elevating Leg Rest
by Lounge Doctor
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Elevating Leg Rest With Cooling Gel
by Lounge Doctor
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Cubii JR Under Desk Elliptical
by Cubii
N.O.W. Mindfulness Tone Therapy System
by solu
Original Wearable Ice Pack
by Headache Hat
Portable Home Gym 2.0
by BodyBoss
Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical
by Cubii
Modular Black Out Eye Mask
by Manta Sleep
Custom Night Guard
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Ultra-Thin Compact Treadmill
Women's Minimalist Athleisure Shoes
by FitKicks®
Phone Banjees with Two Pockets
by Sprigs
Personal Teapot & Cup Set
by P & T
Go Wearable Ice Pack
by Headache Hat
Farmer's Popcorn Cob - 6-Pack
by Sunflower Food Company
Kozikicks Women's Slippers
by FitKicks®
Elastic Lacing System
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CleanPot Humidifier
by Miro
Premium Smart Scale
by Yunmai
MedPlanner Medicine Organizer
by Mighty Well
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Essential Oil Humidifier and Diffuser
by SpaRoom
Fitness Walking Poles
by BungyPump
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Morph Collapsible Foam Roller
by Brazyn Life
Large Pocket Adjustable Belt
by BANDI Wear
Muscle Flushing Kit (Helix + Rod)
by RAD
Anthoimmune Elderberry Syrup
by Maine Medicinals
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Collapsible Water Bottle
by Hydaway
Sinus Relief Bath & Shower Fizzies
by Clear My Head
Anti-Microbial Toothbrush
by Mouth Watchers
Single-Level Adjustable Standing Desk
by Uncaged Ergonomics
Porcelain Pressure Point Massager
by Tsubo Stress Therapy
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Weighted Jump Rope System
by Crossrope™
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Herbal Inhalation Jar
by Clear My Head
Multi-Surface Muscle Therapy Tool
Exfoliating Foot Peel for Men
by Baby Foot®
Silicone Smoothie Straws - 4-Pack
by Softy Straws
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Reusable Silicone Straws
by KoffieStraw
Charcoal & Gold Infused Toothbrush
by Nano-b
Men's Minimalist Athleisure Shoes
by FitKicks®
Athletic Personal Pack
by FlipBelt
2020 Inspirational Daily Planner
by lake + loft
Yoga Mat
by Yoga by Numbers
Palmat Brush Cleaning Tool
by Sigma Spa®
Moisturizing Foot Mask
by Baby Foot®
Aku Ball Acupressure Ball
by Aku
Mineral Powder Sunscreen
by Brush On Block
Men's Medium Compression Socks
by Sockwell
Original Pocket Adjustable Belt
by BANDI Wear
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