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Take a moment and breathe deeply. We've found ways to squeeze in a mindfulness moment just about anywhere. Check out the tools and meditation aids that can help you turn down the noise of busy days and refocus, be more present, and reconnect with yourself.

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Shashibo Magnetic Puzzle Box
by Fun in Motion Toys
Therapy Dough
by Pinch Me
Weighted Blanket
by Baloo Living
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Undated Goal Planner & Daily Organizer
by Passion Planner
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Painting by Shadows Kit
by TwoStick Shadows by Chirpwood
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Portable Bluetooth White Noise Machine
N.O.W. Mindfulness Tone Therapy System
by solu
Thermal Shiatsu Foot Massager
by Pretika®
Beehive Coil Candle
by Candle by the Hour
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Water-Powered Eye Massager
by Aurai
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Cannabidiol Infused Pain Relief
by CBD for Life
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Window Herb Planter
by Urbz
The Shift Mindful Breath Necklace
by Komusō Design
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Makeup Repair & Creation Kit
by FIXY Makeup
Anti-Nausea Acupressure Bracelet Set
by Blisslets
Silicone Drinking Straws - 5-Pack
by Softy Straws
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Original Zen Drawing Board
by Buddha Board
Castle Toy Construction Set
by Wise Elk
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The Thinking Egg
by Orijin Design Company
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Instant Dissolve Sublingual Vitamins
by Frunutta
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Mini Inspirational Monk
by The Suburban Monk
Mindfulness Tone Necklace
by Lovetuner
Portable Water Bottle Sterilizing Cap
by CrazyCap
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Handcrafted Leather Zodiac Journal
by Soothi
Brush Lettering Calligraphy Workbook
by Kelly Creates
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Blue-Enriched White Light Therapy Glasses
by Luminette
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Screenie Sand Art
by KB Sand Art
Ergonomic Meditation Seat - Fabric
by Alexia
Odor Neutralizing Diffuser Reed Set
by alio
Beginner Paper Quilling Card Kit
by Quilling Card
Silhouette Sand Art
by KB Sand Art
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Sinus Relief Bath & Shower Fizzies
by Clear My Head
Cannabis Eau de Parfum
by Fog & Tree
L-Shaped Body Pillow & 2 Cases
by The snuggL Company
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Herbal Inhalation Jar
by Clear My Head
Reusable Silicone Straws
by KoffieStraw
Silicone Coffee Cup Lid
by Earthlid
15 ft Fold-Out Coloring Book
by The Longest Coloring Book
Water Generating Planter
by Dewplanter
2020 Inspirational Daily Planner
by lake + loft
Indoor Training Grip Socks
by Pedestal Footwear
Medium Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle
by Zen Art & Design
Worry Doll Necklace
by Hechizo
Really Big Coloring Poster
by Pirasta
Raw Organic Superfood Chocolate Bars
by Elements Truffles
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Cannabidiol Infused Body Care
by CBD for Life
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Reusable Silicone Straws 4-pack
by KoffieStraw
Large Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle
by Zen Art & Design
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