Catnip Yoga Mat

By Feline Yogi

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Give your cat a yoga mat all their own. (If you’ve ever tried practicing yoga with a cat around, you know that they can’t resist playing, resting, or scratching on your mat.) This mini mat is made out of the same material as humans’ yoga mats, with an attached catnip toy and sisal rope for more play potential. Wipes clean, rolls up for storage, and easily travels, too.

  • Made in the USA: Los Angeles, CA
  • Materials: Traditional yoga mat material, steel grommet, sisal rope, and catnip-stuffed natural twine ball
  • Care: Wipe clean
  • Mat and inks/dyes are latex-free, phthalate-free, and non-toxic
  • No-mess surface for scratching and sharpening claws
  • Water-resistant yoga mat surface is easy to clean
  • Features a built-in rope toy with a catnip-stuffed ball
  • Note: The color and/or shade of the natural colored twine balls may vary slightly
  • Dimensions: 17" x 24" x 0.25"
  • Weight: 0.83 lb.

21 Reviews (3.6 out of 5 Grommets)

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She loved it!!!!


The service was great!! Received the packages quickly and our fur babies loved everything!!


Calmer cat


I was surprised how quickly my cat went after the mat. It was soooo funny to see how she started scratching and playing with the catnip ball. I don't know who is more entertained by the cat or me! A definite addition for that spoiled cat.More > < Less


Good idea


Got one for Samson, my son's cat. He seems to be having a good time with it.


Alice loves it!


I bought this for my daughter's cat Alice and she loves it. Alice is very playful and curious, very active, so this yoga mat was perfect for her. A great idea and product.More > < Less


Wussey Cat


I have to say my cat hated this. BUT I gave it to my friend who has 4 cats and they fight over it all the time. One is laying on it the other is playing with the ball the other has his tail on the mat and thinks it is all his and the last one just hisses until the 3 other cats leave. Is it a winner ABSOLUTELY. My cat is just a wuss.More > < Less

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Downward facing . . . cat.

About Feline Yogi

Mats For Cats

Feline Yogi’s cat yoga mats are a designated spot for cats to stretch and play. They can dig their nails in and knead their little hearts out, without disrupting your flow—or your mat.

Maker Paige Guthrie Hodges noticed how her cat was drawn to her yoga mat’s texture, constantly getting in the way while she was trying to exercise. She figured if cats had their own mat to play on, they might leave their humans alone.

Paige cuts typical yoga mats down to a more cat-friendly size. She attaches a catnip-filled twine ball to the mat with sisal rope, increasing the incentive to curl up on that mat instead of yours. This all-in-one lounger, scratcher, and toy wipes clean and travels easily. Bring it along as a distraction at the vet or when your cat is in an unfamiliar place.

Hopefully your cat won’t interfere with your downward dog if he—or she—has their very own yoga mat.