Felted Soap

By Fiat Luxe


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All-natural, handcrafted soaps enveloped in soft felt.

  • Made in the USA: Santa Rosa, CA
  • Materials: Natural wool, essential oils, purified water
  • Care: Soap softens with time. To break it in faster, soak the felted soap in very hot water overnight
  • Creates an exfoliating and fragrant lather
  • Handmade in small batches
  • Scented with botanically derived essential oils
  • No synthetic fragrances
  • Wool is naturally anti-fungal
  • Not tested on animals
  • No additives or agents to artificially create lather
  • Dimensions: 3.5" D x 2"
  • Weight: 0.25 lb.
    Additional Ingredients:
  • Verbena: Essential oils of wild verbena (lippia javonica) and lemon
  • Lemon Zest: Essential oils of lemon, bergamot, litsea, lemongrass, and wild verbena
  • Lavender: Essential oil of lavender
  • Lavender Mint: Essential oils of lavender and peppermint
  • Cinnamon Oat: Essential oils of cinnamon leaf with toasted oats

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Not thrilled

1/6/2014 by Beth

The smell of the soap is amazing. Very hard to get the soap to lather up thru the felt. I am tempted to just cut the soap out of the felt and be done with it.More > < Less


Order form and presentation need improvement.

11/10/2013 by Donnabeth Weider

I was disappointed in several things. I would like to have been able to order an assortment of fragrances, but found I could only choose one. choose one.

I was surprised there was no protection for the personal use
product . . . at least a cellophane wrap.

And, I was surprised to find my order of over $87 just dumped
in a shipping carton, again with no protection.

I purchased these as Christmas gifts so have not personally used one. My rating is not product based per se, but rather based on my comments above.
More > < Less



10/28/2013 by Sherry

Disappointed! It leaves a soapy film behind as well as buts of wool. I'm glad I only bought 1 to try it out before I ordered for Christmas.


Don't like this

10/27/2013 by debra

Absolutely everything I order from grommet I am delighted with. Not this one. It doesn't suds up, the soap stays very hard. I think I'm going to cut it open and just use the soap with a washcloth. So disappointing.More > < Less


nice idea...but....

10/26/2013 by Eugene

I love the look of these soaps wrapped in felt, but I CANNOT get it to lather no matter what I try. The scents are great if only i could make it lather like they show in the video. I will not be purchasing more of them!More > < Less

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Fiat Luxe - Felted Soap

About Fiat Luxe

Luxury Lather

Soap is not exactly a new invention. But felted soap—now that’s something you’ve probably never heard of before.

Like a soap and washcloth all in one, Fiat Luxe is wrapped in colorful wool felt for a lovely marbled look and gentle exfoliating feel. The soap is handmade in the USA using only natural ingredients and generously scented with botanically derived essential oils for a lovely aroma from the first wash to the last. The soft wool felt is domestically sourced and has naturally occurring anti-fungal properties.

The felt shrinks along with the soap as you use it and will retain its freshness as long as you give it a quick squeeze to remove excess water. Once the soap inside is gone, you can make a small slit in the felt and re-stuff it with odds and ends from other bars.

Nancy Rosenthal of Santa Rosa, California came up with the idea for Fiat Luxe while making soap as a gift for family and friends. In the process of cutting the soap, she found herself with leftovers of different shapes and sizes. Never one to waste, Nancy formed the remaining pieces into patties and encased them in felt.

A fragrant addition to any bath, decorative basket, or potpourri sachet, Fiat Luxe is a beautiful new way to soap up.