1" x 40" Repair Wrap - 3 pack

By FiberFix

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FiberFix is a fiberglass-based repair tape that is 100 times stronger than duct tape. Dip FiberFix in water, wrap it around whatever you need to fix, and it hardens like steel in about 10 minutes for a permanent repair. Each roll must be used once opened because even moisture in the air will begin to harden the adhesive.

  • Material: Fiberglass wrap infused with water-activated polyurethane resin
  • Includes: 3 FiberFix 1" x 40" rolls, 1 piece of sandpaper, 3 vinyl strips, and 3 pairs of gloves
  • Wrap hardens like steel in just 10 minutes—100 times stronger than duct tape
  • Watertight, sandable, paintable, heat- and cold-resistant repair wrap
  • Water-activated polyurethane resin
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 40" x 1"
  • Weight: 0.31 lb.
  • Note: Keep off hands. Wear gloves when handling

16 Reviews (3.7 out of 5 Grommets)

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Works well

2/14/2019 by jose

Works well but did not like time restraints after opening package



6/21/2016 by Helen

Tried to fix a hose and it wouldn't adhere, found it difficult to work with.


Didn't work with my repair...

1/6/2016 by Brian

I think this is a great idea; I just think I had the wrong repair application for it. It didn't work at all. I was trying to reattach a broken cast iron dutch oven top handle which is the wrong application. I've been using gorilla glue for the top and it works until I hit the top of it hard storing back in the cabinet, like another pot or pan. It's better for something cylindrical like the photos: handles, tubes, things like that.More > < Less


Loved the internet commercial, not so much the product

11/15/2017 by Robert

Did not adhere to pvc water pipe at all. Lots of residue. Might work better on items where water is not involved.


didn't work at all!

6/29/2017 by Robin

I use this on a kids folding chair, where one of the plastic "elbows" had cracked in half. Followed the directions perfectly, then had a child sit on it the next day after having it completely dry. They hadn't even put all their (30 lbs) of weight on it before it snapped...it's like the tape didn't do anything except create a tube for the broken pieces to slip through and slide right out.More > < Less

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Tape you can fix a car engine with.

About FiberFix

Strong Like Steel

Chances are, you have recently used duct tape or something similar for a DIY repair. But if you wish you’d had something 100 times stronger for a permanent fix, keep reading.

FiberFix is a fiberglass-based, resin-infused tape for heavy-duty repairs. Broken step on a ladder? Busted bike frame? Engine hose? Just dip FiberFix tape in water and wrap it around your repair. It sets in about 10 minutes, and it holds like steel. (For flat surface repairs, check out their patches that harden with sunlight or a UV flashlight.)

Here’s how strong this tape is: it’s waterproof, and it resists impacts and temperature changes. Each kit comes with gloves (use them to keep the adhesive off your hands, trust us) and sandpaper because FiberFix can be sanded and painted once it’s set.

One FiberFix package is good for a single use. Unopened packages are easy to store and keep handy but, once opened, even the air’s moisture will start hardening the adhesive. Save your FiberFix until the moment you need it. You’ll be glad you have it once you do.