Grease & Oil Absorbing Drain Guards

By FOG Safe

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This recycled paper grease catcher absorbs cooking fat, oil, and grease for easier and safer disposal—and to cut down on kitchen clogs, smells, and sewer backups. Use one from this pack of nine in the sink or on the countertop and then easily dispose of it in the trash.

  • Instructions: Place container in kitchen sink, on the countertop, or on the stove and pour oil. Wait until all the oil has been absorbed then discard in trash. See guide for more information
  • Fits all standard drains
  • Each drain guard absorbs up to 4 ounces of oil
  • Made in China
Additional Information:
  • Materials: Recycled paper pulp, polypropylene, polyester
  • Includes: Nine (9) single-use oil absorbing containers
  • Ages: 18+
  • Dimensions: 16" x 6" diameter
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs

4 Reviews (3.5 out of 5 Grommets)

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8/20/2019 by Joanne

I'm a fan of this product. I know that pouring oil and liquid fats down the the sink drain is a bad idea but finding a good receptacle for disposal always stumped me. I'm happy to have these so that I can remove smelly, hot oil from the kitchen fast.More > < Less


Hopefully will stop drain in kitchen.

8/19/2019 by Sandra

As able to use same day received. Did a great job draining grease from pork spareribs. Was able to pour off grease from roasting pan into drain guard and not gown drain.More > < Less


beginning of a good idea.

8/7/2019 by diana

This product starts out good but each person should put something in this container to turn the oil into a solid. If you don't put sand, or flour flour or something to make this a solid, when the trash is picked up, over time the liquid will run right out of the garbage truck and oil your streets.
Same with paint or any liquid, please mix with something to make it a solid.
Our street has streaks from the garbage pick up as people are putting paint and other items in their trash that is a liquid.
That's a no no.
At our business we mix old paint with sawdust so it is absorbed before putting in dumpster. This is the legal way to dispose of liquid.
More > < Less



8/19/2019 by Dawn

The fact that this is designed as a drain guard leads one to assume that water moves through it while it captures grease and oils. I was fooled. It stops all water through drain. So you may as well pour your grease and oil into any biodegradable container and do not need to purchase a special container that fits into your sink drain.More > < Less

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About FOG Safe

No-Strain Drain

FOG Safe was created by Shawn Santos, a general contractor and rental property manager in Hawaii. After encountering a kitchen drain so clogged with cooking grease that it took almost an hour to clear, Shawn was determined to find a safer way to dispose of kitchen grease. And when he couldn’t find the just-right fix, he decided to make it himself.

The result: FOG Safe, which specifically targets fats, oils, and grease (get it?). Made with recycled paper, each grease catcher fits into a drain—or you can use one on the counter or in the sink—and absorbs up to four ounces of oil (about the amount of grease from a pound of bacon). Best of all, it gets tossed out in the trash, so drains and pipes stay free and clear.