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Transform your food scraps—cooked and uncooked—into a beneficial addition to your garden. This food recycler takes just three hours to dehydrate them and reduce the volume by about 90%. And it does it neatly, with heat and vibration that uses little energy and leaves no odor. Add it to your soil outside, and with some water and time for the byproduct (your incredibly shrunken leftovers) to decompose, it’ll release micro-nutrients that help plants grow.

  • Materials: Plastic housing, ceramic waste bucket, PCB board, and carbon pellets
  • Includes electric composter, 2.5 L non-stick ceramic waste bucket, and two activated carbon filters
  • Care: Rinse with soap and water. Removable bucket is dishwasher safe
  • Built-in sensory technology to maximize energy efficiency
  • Quiet, compact design
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Odorless, no venting or additives required
  • Great as a soil amendment, landscaping, and topdressing
  • Breaks down organic waste in as little as 3 hours
  • For indoor use
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 13" x 12" x 11"
  • Weight: 23 lbs.

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Wonderful product!

8/14/2017 by Debbie

This is a magnificent product, truly did reduce my food waste by 90%. Very quiet and efficient. I wouldn't put the end product on indoor plants as it tends to mold, but works great for outdoor plants.More > < Less


looks beautiful and works well

8/11/2017 by Rebecca

Love being a part of recycle sustainability life style I use the byproduct in my garden. My plants love the nutrition my trash does not spell spell or draw bugs anymore. I bought this product for my son for his birthday when he saw mine, he wanted one.More > < Less


Food waste recycler

10/17/2018 by Janice

So far, this machine is working as promised. The food in it does not smell, even though it takes me several days to fill it up. There is one concern I have, and that is this: when I sprinkled it on some potted plants outdoors, the waste turned moldy. I don’t know if I should have raked it into the soil rather than leave it on top. Any suggestions?More > < Less


Works well, small learning curve

6/6/2017 by Ryan

Food Cycler works very well. We've used it 5 times now. We've had no trouble creating the compost mulch. It's a compelling item when you consider how long it takes to naturally break down waste while composting. We've learned a few things along the way.

Make sure to mix the compost into your dirt. If you simply put it on top of a potted plant like we did, you may get a top layer of mold. This was easy enough to scrape off but something to keep in mind.

Leave the device plugged in if you're storing waste for a longer period of time. We generally did not have an issue the other four times but on our fifth time we left coffee grinds and mango peels in the coffee grinder over the course of a week with the device unplugged. When the device is unplugged it seems that the deodorizing component doesn't work and peels started to rot (to be fair, the mango was already rotting but it did not have mold). We ultimately did not compost this once it started to mold.

Really cool product!
More > < Less


Too easily jammed.

5/14/2017 by Robert

The composter functioned well until it was used to try to compost the waste from cutting up a pineapple. It doesn't seem to respond well to sweet scraps. It glued itself to the point I was forced to soak the bucket overnight and then there was a great effort needed to free the rotor arm. There seems to be a similar problem unless you wash your egg shells free of any egg white. Despite my poor start I enjoy the product which allows me to process some food waste that I don't present to my worm farm. I believe that I will learn better how to operate the Food Cycler and will continue to enjoy reaping benefits of the compost revolution. More instructions might be beneficial to the first time composter.More > < Less

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Watch a tomato shrink by 90%.

About Food Cycler

Garden Food

This energy-efficient food recycler will transform your kitchen scraps into a beneficial mixture for your yard—fast.

Toss any unwanted food, cooked and uncooked, right on in—peels, cores, veggies, and even bones, shells, and meat. Food Cycler dehydrates and sterilizes food waste with heat and vibration, reducing the volume by 90% in less than three hours. Thanks to a carbon filter, the process is odorless.

Your amazingly shrunken scraps can go straight to your garden or lawn. It’s prime landscaping material, too. Once it’s watered and begins to decompose, it’ll release micro-nutrients like phosphorous, potassium, and nitrogen that help plants grow.

Unlike traditional composting, Food Cycler takes hours (not months) to get your food waste away from landfills and in your yard.