Ultimate Foot Massage & Gel

By The FootMate System

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Treat your feet to a spa-like experience, right at home. Made in the USA, the FootMate System is a safe and effective way to cleanse, exfoliate, and massage your feet. Thanks to suction cups that secure it to the floor or tub, there’s no need to even bend over. The surface is also anti-skid, anti-mildew, and stain-resistant.

  • Made in the USA
  • Materials: Polyolefin polymer and polypropylene bristles
  • Care: Rinse with soap and water
  • No assembly required
  • Includes one bottle of rejuvenating foot gel
  • The FootMate Rejuvenating Gel is specially formulated for the feet. It contains tea tree oil (a natural antiseptic), aloe, moisturizers, and conditioners to keep feet clean, soft, and supple
  • The FootMate System is endorsed by The American College of Foot & Ankle Orthopedics & Medicine
  • Dimensions (in packaging): 13" x 10" x 3"
  • Weight: 3 lbs.

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Great idea! Love it!

10/10/2016 by dragonfly

We live at the beach with windows and breakaway wall open constantly. Needless to say, the hardwood floors always have a layer of silt from the coastal breeze which causes our feet to be dirty. We struggled with an easy & efficient way to clean our feet...until now! The footnote brush is hand in our shower to give a quick foot scrub. I have noticed that regular use has also softened our feet...an unexpected yet great benefit. I would highly recommend this product especially for elderly that have a hard time bending over.More > < Less



9/1/2016 by Terrie

I've had the turquoise FootMate for about a year and love it! My husband and I can't bend down far enough to clean our feet well and this sure does the trick. I was thinking replacement bristles were available but I don't see them here. Are they still available and how does that work?More > < Less


Best product ever for your feet !

8/17/2016 by MR Gallanis

My wife and I are both over 60 and have a tough time bending to properly scrub our feet. This on the floor of the tub with the invigorating soap that comes with it give you a foot scrub,and foot massage better than a masseuse could
do ! !
More > < Less



7/16/2016 by Dee

I am going to give this to a couple of people for Christmas gifts. It is awesome, as advertised, and leaves feet really clean. I didn't reorder the foot soap that came with it, just using a regular liquid soap product.More > < Less


I love this thing

7/11/2016 by Janet

This is so great for washing your feet and feels great as well. Kind of like a mini foot massage every morning! My only comment would be that I wish the suction cups were a little bit bigger/stronger so it would stick to the shower floor a bit better. It still is awesome!!More > < Less

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A friend for your foot.

About The FootMate System

Total Foot Care

The FootMate System is a safe, stable way to cleanse and massage your feet without risking a fall.

What’s unique about this Made in the USA, foot bath massager is the suction cups that keep the scrubber in place. On the floor or in the tub, it stays securely put. The surface is also anti-skid, anti-mildew, and stain-resistant.

Soft inner bristles gently massage your skin while the stiffer outer bristles buff away rough, dry patches. The system's Rejuvenating Gel is packed with tea tree oil and Vitamin E, which cleanses and conditions your skin. With just a few gentle back and forth movements, your feet are clean and feeling refreshed—without any bending or stooping.

If you’re looking to boost circulation or simply give your tired feet a treat, the FootMate is a safe and easy way to improve your overall foot health.