Cheese Storage Papers

By Formaticum

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Use the same professional material as the finest cheese purveyors to wrap and store your cheese.

  • Each package contains fifteen 11" x 14" sheets and fifteen adhesive labels
  • Formaticum paper is manufactured in France and designed specifically to wrap and store cheese
  • The two-ply paper allows cheese to breathe while maintaining optimal humidity preventing the cheese from drying out
  • Formaticum cheese paper keeps your cheese tasting fresher, longer
  • Dimensions (in packaging): 1.8" x 1.8" x 12.3"
  • Weight: 0.3 lb.

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I LOVE this stuff!


Very good for refrigerated cheese. Prevents it from getting moldy.




This paper is amazing! It works great and keeps the cheese fresh. Also reusable!


Cheese Wrap


Great wrapping paper for cheeses and other delicate foods. Keeps them fresher longer.


Great product!


I love this product! It keeps us from throwing away expensive cheese.


wish I knew about this sooner


This cheese paper keeps our cheese well, it does turn moldy so quickly anymore.

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Formaticum - European style cheese paper

About Formaticum

It's a Wrap

Calling all cheese lovers—if you want to keep that wedge of brie creamy and full of flavor, it’s time to stop suffocating it in plastic wrap.

Do as the French do and keep it fresh with a two-ply cheese paper called Formaticum made in where else but France.

While everyday non-porous food storage solutions block oxygen and trap humidity killing cheese and accelerating the growth of mold, Fomaticum wicks away moisture and delivers oxygen to maintain flavor and prevent spoilage. The results are nothing short of delicious.