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By etuHOME

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We still feel very fortunate to have discovered this trove of authentic, found glass demijons in Europe. The passing of time has served only to make their shape more unusual. Whether displayed singly, or in collections, each piece is a elegant reminder of times past.

  • Materials: Vintage European recycled glass
  • Care: Gently clean with soap and water
  • Decorative accent
  • Enhances any room
  • Returns accepted within 15 days of purchase
  • Found in Europe
  • Dimensions: Small: 9" diameter x 15"; Medium: 10.5" diameter x 19"; Large: 11" diameter x 20"
  • Weight: Small: 2.5 lbs.; Medium: 4.5 lbs.; Large: 5.5 lbs.
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About etuHOME

Salvaged Decor

Breathing new life into something old is not only resourceful, in this case it also looks gorgeous. The antique accessories from etuHOME are distinctive and sophisticated additions to any table.

Founder Stacy Boroz sources materials from across Europe with the goal of reinventing them—without erasing any of their history. From attics to estates to abandoned factories, Stacy searches for unique items to bring back to the States. With a little imagination and ingenuity, a wine barrel becomes a lazy Susan, or a piece of 19th century wood is transformed into a cake stand.

Farm equipment, old manufacturing tools, or discarded timber can all be the basis of a new serving piece. Though the materials are being repurposed, the marks from their former life are still present, which is part of the charm. Wood, glass, and metal are all kept as natural as possible to let that beautiful age and character shine through. Each makes for a unique addition to your table, or a meaningful—and one of a kind—gift.