Cubu Cubu


By Funnybone Toys

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Visual illusion leads to confusion as you try to follow number and color sequences. Watch out for the action cards that could completely disrupt your turn! Ages 8+.

  • Connect like-colored cards like you would a game of Dominoes.
  • Players take turns slamming, splicing, and spattering their cards down to create a beautiful array of colors.
  • The first player to play all the cards in his hand wins the round, and everyone is left with a new piece of contemporary art.
  • Contents: 70 Array cards, 12 Action cards, Illustrated rules
Funnybone Toys - color-centric Card Games

About Funnybone Toys

Winning Hands

When former cruise director Julien Sharp turned her passion for games into a new career pursuit, she created something colorful. Literally.

Funnybone Toys’ first three card games -- Spectrix, Array and Cubu -- take inspiration from the color spectrum. Spectrix is similar to rummy; players use their color cards to make moves such as three of a kind or a straight of sequential colors. Array challenges players to match colors. It’s like dominos, but with a geometric twist that lets players branch out and make color connections that extend in many directions from the 16-sided cards. With Cubu, each card contains 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 boxes, and no two cards are alike. The color and position of the square and rectangular boxes determine how Cubu cards can be played. All three games challenge players to be the first to get rid of all their cards.

Together with her design-oriented co-founder, Julien is working to create toys that give your brain a workout while you’re having fun. From a play standpoint, Funnybone Toys’ card games are challenging and innovative. On the graphics front, they have a modern, minimalist vibe that’s a refreshing change from typical game aesthetics. All together, it’s a winning hand.