Gripponz Ring Stain Prevention - Set of 2 - Wide

By Gadgit Girlz


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Eliminate rust rings before they can even think about forming. This grippy little base acts as a coaster, fitting snugly onto the bottom of cans like shaving cream, bug spray, or household cleaners. You can use it to corral condensation from soda and beer cans, too.

  • Made in the USA: Glendale, CA
  • Materials: Santoprene (TPE)
  • Care: Hand-wash with soap and warm water
  • Comes with 2 Gripponz
  • Fits traditional 10 oz. cans and cans with a 2.5" D base
  • Uses include: Shaving cream, hair spray, bug repellent, chemical cleaners, sunscreen, soda cans and more
  • Dimensions: 3.20" D x 0.68"
  • Weight: 0.075 lb.

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Love them!


This is such a simple yet effective solution to the problem. It pops right on and remains snug. sits nicely on the tub and doesn't slide awaye away when wet. And, no more rust ring problem!
I used the extra one for the bottom of the my husbands very tall can of spray deodorant, He insists on keeping on top of the counter. Now when I hit it with my elbow, it's like a weeble. It wobbles but it doesn't fall down! He actually commented on how much he likes it. Thought it was a great idea!
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Love these!!!!


Wish someone would have come up with these years ago


Fabulous product!!


Truly prevents those impossible to remove rust rings on my marble and tile.
Thank you for this product. I love it!




This handy gadget certainly has a nicer appearance under my husband's shaving cream can than the folded toilet tissue he was using!


Gripping coaster


I use these for shaving cream in bathroom and pop can anywhere. Really like them for eliminating water rings.

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So long, rust rings.

About Gadgit Girlz

Rust-Free Surface

Rust rings from cans really leave their mark on the sink or in the shower—and not in a good way. They’re tough—if not impossible—to remove.

Gripponz eliminate rust rings by stopping them from ever forming. The grippy base fits snugly onto pretty much any can, acting like a coaster that protects surfaces and prevents stains.

Think outside of the bathroom, too, and use them on household cleaners, bug spray, or even as a coaster for soda and beer cans.

Gripponz are the work of The Gadgit Girlz, Alita Guillen Haytayan and Celeste Nameth. They are geared up to solve the small but annoying everyday problems that bug us all. With simple but effective fixes like Gripponz, they’ve got us excited to see what they solve next.