Bluetooth-Enabled Propane Tank Scale

By GasWatch

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Don’t get caught with an empty tank. This digital propane tank monitor keeps an eye on propane levels with a digital scale. Check the display for alerts or receive them on the app that also tracks cooking time.

  • Materials: Plastic, electronics
  • Care: Keep out of rain and snow, can be left outside if it is protected from water damage
  • Includes one Bluetooth-enabled gas scale, one display, three AAA batteries, and operation guide
  • Weight based scale connects to smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Instructions: Press the On/Off button to power up the scale. To use with the app, download the GasWatch App on your smartphone. Open the app and let it connect with the scale. Select the appropriate tank weight on the app; click submit. Place tank on the scale and click refresh to update gas volume. See full instructions in the GasWatch guide
  • Set-up is simple and easy, no tools required
  • LED display shows when 10%, 50%, 75%, and 100% of gas remains
  • GasWatch App shows the remaining cook time in hours and minutes as well as percentage
  • App generates an alarm when propane level drops to 20%
  • Does not require a connection to the gas valve so there is no chance of a leak
  • App features a cooking timer for convenience
  • Ideal for use with gas grills, patio heaters, smokers, and other outdoor propane appliances
  • Note: The LED display indicates when the device is connected to Bluetooth, and will not display gas percentage when connected. Not to be used with loads over 43 lbs. It is suitable for tare weights (empty tank weight) of 16.6 lbs., 17 lbs., 17.6 lbs., 18 lbs., and 19 lbs.
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 2.5"
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs.

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This scale actually works!


Very easy to install with propane tank. App for IOS works great. Very good product.


Simple and elegent solution


Rarely these days, do we encounter a product that solves a problem without trying to "boil the ocean." GasWatch does exactly what it needs to, without overburdening us with unneeded complexity and costs.
They've done their homework and present the various tank weights as options--even if you choose the wrong one, you'll still get the benefit of knowing when you're low on gas. Your next full tank will remove all doubt.
Also, the folks at GasWatch have figured out how to make the bluetooth connectivity 100% transparent and seamless. I had no sooner launched the app, when my phone was reporting the weight. There is no setup needed.
I admit, I was dubious that something priced so low could perform as advertised, but GasWatch is a master class in as-simple-as-it-can-be product design. It's solid and durable where needed and not over-engineered in other areas.
This will be my go-to gift for everyone I know that uses gas canisters. Keep up the great work, and by that I mean, don't change a thing!

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Never run out


Easy to install. I haven’ gotten to the end of the tank to know if accurate


Scale works


The scale works as advertised
. I would recommend this unit


Performs as advertised..except


Unable to locate the AP for my IPhone, otherwise the unit works as advertised when the unit is turned on manually at the Tank. Bluetooth function not enabled was disappointment.More > < Less

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About GasWatch

Propane Scale

GasWatch wants you to never run out of (grilling) gas again. It’s a digital propane tank monitor that keeps an eye on your tank’s level. And it’s Bluetooth-enabled to send updates to your phone, too.

The propane tank sits on the scale while it’s connected to your grill. It’s safer than other measuring methods because it works with closed tanks. And it can be kept outside, but it does need to be covered to protect it from rain and snow.

Keep track of the level on the digital display or through the app, which also has programmable cooking timer. The system is easy to integrate with your grill, and is a great way to make sure you never get caught with an empty tank.