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Sombrilla is a sun smart alternative beach umbrella that can be adjusted to the angle of the sun.

  • Easy set up - no tools required
  • For set up instructions please view our video
  • Includes: 1 10'8" x  5'9" Sombrilla 100% Cotton Canopy, 2 6ft Aluminum Poles (locking mechanism in the middle),1 Aluminum Crossbar (locking mechanism in the middle), 4 Ropes & 4 Metal Pegs, 1 Bag with shoulder straps
  • 95% UV protected (tested by ARPANSA)
  • Weight: 3.5kg
  • Machine wash cold
  • Made in China

7 Reviews (3 out of 5 Grommets)


Great solution for the hot sun

by for Sombrilla

Set it up on hilton head isl beach on a windy day 20 -25 mph, easy to set up and stayed up no trouble all day. Seems sturdily made and came down and packed away quickly when high tide finally began to drive us up the beach. Had three beach chairs and 4 adults and several kids in the shade it threw. Beach runs north/south. We set it up facing east With the long flap to the west and it provided great shade from about 10AM till we packed up in the late afternoon. Thinking about getting another and setting up in tandem.


Warning - no returns!

by for Sombrilla

I was very excited to have this large and fashionable shade since I cannot take sun, but after only one day of normal use, the grommets where the poles and ropes attach have begun to pull away from the fabric. At this cost, such a failure is not excusable. Since there is a no return policy, I'm stuck with a very costly piece of fabric. Therefore, I cannot recommend it.

Hollie and Harrie response:

Hi Susan,
It is very hard for us to accept returns (for change of mind) given that we are based in Australia. However, if you have any faults with your Sombrilla, please contact The Grommet Customer Service Team and they will be more than happy to help you out and arrange for any replacements that you need.


Poor design

by for Sombrilla

The Sombrilla looks great, but on the second day at the beach the we lost one of the removable pin at the top ( which actually holds the whole thing up). So we were S.O.L. with no shade for the rest of the holiday. It should not be removable, as it is so easy to loose in the sand.
Poor design.

Hollie and Harrie response:

Hi Anik, Hollie & Harrie takes pride in our quality and we are so sorry that this has happened. Please contact The Grommet Customer Service Team and we will of course send you any replacements that you need.



by for Sombrilla

Just returned from a beach trip and the Sombrilla was a breeze to put up and was the envy of everyone else on the beach that struggled to pitch their larger cabana tents.



by for Sombrilla

Love the colors, so darn cool.
HOWEVER with the trade winds in Hawaii, this wouldn't stay up. So disappointed.

Hollie and Harrie response:

Hi Jenny,
The Sombrillas can actually withstand quite a bit of wind. When it is windy, please make sure the wind is able to pass through the canopy rather than directly on to the fabric. Ensure the pegs are then pushed all the way in to the sand, so that you can’t even see them anymore. The wind does create a lot of pulling on the ropes and if the pegs are able to wiggle and move in the sand, they will tend to pull out. I generally have the ropes coming out at a 45 degree angle from the corners, then wind the rope around the peg a few times then tuck it back through itself like a thumb knot. Once you have put your Sombrilla up and tied down all the pegs, you may well need to just go around one more time to tighten up things a bit. All fabric and rope should be nice and taut. All poles nice and straight. By the way, the poles do not need to be pushed in to the sand, they are designed to sit on top. These tips should help you have a great shady day at the beach!

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Hollie and Harrie  - Sombrilla Sun Shelter

About Hollie and Harrie

Shades of Summer

Exposure to the sun can boost vitamin D production, release endorphins, and help treat skin diseases, but it can also cause serious damage. Australian design duo Claire Harris and Skye Hollingsworth have created a modern, stylish alternative to ordinary beach shelters that provides protection from the rays without making you feel like you’re missing out on the fun.

Claire and Skye are longtime friends who love the beach but want to keep themselves and their families safe from overexposure to the sun. Their creation, called Sombrilla, is a sun canopy that resembles a billowy spinnaker sail with
its vibrant, graphic designs. Sombrilla is made with cotton canvas that provides 95% UV protection, and the rust-proof framework is durable yet lightweight, so it’s easy to carry to the beach, park and backyard. The canopy is adjustable so you can stay under cover as the angle of the sun shifts.

Some sun tents can be stiflingly hot, but not Sombrilla. It provides a roomy shaded area for the whole family to lounge, play games and eat picnic lunches. The air flows freely, so you’re sheltered from the sun without feeling separated from the beach. You can have your fun in the sun, but without putting yourself in harm’s way.

-- Ann
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