High Altitude Flight Bag

By Genius Pack


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Innovative design that slips over the handle of your carry on and wraps around airplane tray tables to store all your flight needs such as passport, charger, tablet, and magazines, right at your fingertips.

  • Innovative bag wraps around the tray tables on planes
  • Offers smartly designed spots for battery pack, passport, and earbuds
  • Sleek tablet case
  • Includes removable shoulder strap
  • Slides easily on top of carry on, and will fit on most styles of carry-on luggage
  • Made in Vietnam
  • Dimensions: 12" x 2" x 11"
  • Weight: 2 lbs.

60 Reviews (4.7 out of 5 Grommets)

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High altd flight bag

9/19/2018 by Deb

I’m impressed w it’s compactness yet it holds so much. Streamlined and ready to go. Next adventure, here we come!


Good bag

6/27/2017 by Wendy

I like this bag. It attaches nicely on the table and everything is accessible. I would like a fold out water bottle pocket because I can not use the tray as the bag is attached to it....and I would like the flap that zips , to zip all the way down to lay flat be stiffer and have some side support so it's usable to set things on. I wouls also like to velcro straps to be thicker to grab in s little more, my bag get stuffed and is heavyMore > < Less


good with reservations

1/1/2015 by Susan

This is a clever idea that I got for my son who travels internationally a great deal. Unfortunately, he didn't feel it would fit his needs, especially since he usually travels business class and there isn't a tray table to fit it around. My husband has decided to try it, though and we'll see how that goes. It does appear to be well made and well designed.More > < Less


Description information

6/27/2014 by Shareen

I have not purchased this yet though I have it in my wish list. I really love the idea but why can't you show a better picture of the high flyer? I would really like to see what the red and plum colors look like and also how big the other compartment is.More > < Less


Get it together

2/3/2014 by Phyllis

With this convenient, lightweight bag, it's hard to forget or misplace the things you want to have on hand as you take off. Travel is not hassle free these days; but this bag helps to lessen the problem. A place for everything and then some. The red turns out to be a salmon color, easy to spot and pretty.More > < Less

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Genuis Pack - Functional Luggage

About Genius Pack

Smart Start

Frequent flyers know: organization is the key to packing for travel. Reflecting the philosophy that "there's a place for everything and everything should be in its place," the luggage from Genius Pack does the thinking for you, and all you need to do is pack.

The High Altitude Flight Bag stores all your in-flight necessities and keeps them at arm’s reach. It slips over the handle of your carry on and even wraps around the plane’s tray table—your passport, charger, tablet, magazines and more stay accessible and organized.

And the Carry On is also a convenient, must-have companion. Need to charge your phone? There's a battery pack stored in your carry on. Want to keep dirty clothes away from clean? There’s a separate compartment for them, with a Laundry Compression feature that presses all the air out, leaving you more room. An integrated toiletry bag, umbrella, water bottle storage, and even a last minute checklist are all included, too.