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What’s old and decrepit to some people is a treasure in the making to Stacy Borocz. A former buyer for traditional retail channels, Stacy now spends her days traveling throughout Europe in search of salvageable objects, such as vintage glass and wooden beams, that she can sustainably repurpose and import to the U.S.

Stacy and her team at Europe2You attend local markets and explore old homes, barns and warehouses to find
architectural elements that can be recast as useful housewares. For example, 19th century timber salvaged from abandoned buildings is honed into thick, rustic trivets that are hand-finished with natural beeswax and mineral oils. Lazy susans combine reclaimed timber with industrial materials to create richly textured centerpieces. Europe2You’s Demijon Cloche is a repurposed turn-of-the-century wine bottle; cracked or broken bottles are carefully cut in half, and the top is remade as a cloche that you can use to cover appetizers or turn into a terrarium.

No two pieces are exactly alike, and each has a history all its own.

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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Stacy

    Europe2You is so excited about the launch today on Daily Grommet. The pieces offered today feature several of our best selling items, handcrafted from 19th Century European Timber. By culling beams from turn of the century buildings in Europe we have created 100% sustainable items for your eco-friendly home. Our wine barrel lazy susan, round trivet and demijon glass cloche are both fashionable and functional for everyday use. Accent authentically with Europe2You and feel good about your responsible purchase, where no trees have been cut down to enhance your table, your home and your lifestyle. Thank you for embracing our green philosophy!

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