Fun Backpacks for Kids

Hail the Super Hero

What’s lightweight but strong, colorful yet personalized, practical but fun? The SuperMe Back Pack comes to mind.

Super Moms Daphne and Rena were inspired by their kids’ love of pretending to be superheroes. They combined the superhero motif into unique backpacks for their young ones with built-in insulated capes and hoods. No commercial standard superhero stuff for these clever designers. Now each kid can be the superhero he always wanted to be with the backpack, cape and mask.

Now that’s super.
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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Rena

    Hi there! I am super thrilled to be on the Grommet and to introduce you to SuperME. SuperME is a line of superhero-inspired, fun & functional bags for kids, created by 2 moms. We created SuperME because we believe all kids are superheroes, and that they do not need to wear someone else’s symbol to feel strong & powerful! With cool features like built-in superhero capes & built-in hoodies, we take backpacks from hoo-hum everyday products and transform them into super-cool bags kids love! As moms, we know what kids put their bags through. So we designed SuperME bags to be tough and durable. Made of lightweight, highly durable EVA (wet-suit material), which is safe for kids & the environment, our bags are water resistant, insulating and best of all, machine washable!

  • Halley
    8/20/2013 4:51 PM

    These are so amazing! I wish my little guy was still in the "Superhero" stage so i could buy him one! Super cute idea! great job!

  • Rena
    Rena – Special Guest
    8/20/2013 5:53 PM

    @Halley Thank you :-)

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