Multi-Way Scarf

Baby And Beyond

Angela Tsai created a baby nursing scarf that does far more than offer some privacy. This multifunctional accessory was inspired by her own need.

As a new mom, Angela was traveling around the country with her infant and had no space—or desire—for excessive baby gear. So Angela’s Made in the USA scarves can (somewhat magically)
cover most of the new mom and baby needs, from burp cloth to swaddle and car seat cover.

One can also transition seamlessly into non-baby uses, too—like a rain hood, poncho, or infinity scarf (and more!). And this all happens thanks to one minimal, attractive design.

Angela is conscious of the environment, too, and makes sure the manufacturing process is as sustainable as possible—like by using fabric blended with natural bamboo fibers, and making the scarves in a worker-owned cooperative in North Carolina.

Angela’s do-it-all scarves are a piece that will last beyond the baby years, which we think is pretty sustainable, too.
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An accessory for the baby years and beyond.

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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Angela

    Hello Grommet fans! I’m Angela Tsai, Founder & Designer at Mamachic Co. My product is a beautiful, patented “do-it-all" scarf that transforms into a wrap, hood, top, skirt, as well as a nursing cover, swaddle blanket, burp cloth and infant car seat curtain! Though I created the Mamachic Scarf to make new mother's lives easier, many of my customers don’t have kids — they are just obsessed by the easy-breezy versatility of it. We’ve made it as sustainably and ethically as possible, every step of the way. I can’t wait for you to try it out! Ask me anything :)

  • Maryann
    5/8/2017 10:28 AM

    Hi Angela!!! What is your favorite way to wear mamachic?

  • Angela
    Angela – Special Guest
    5/8/2017 10:41 AM

    @Maryann Thanks for your very loaded question LOL! With the Mamachic, there are unlimited ways to wear because of our patented design with snap buttons (it's not a standard scarf shape by any means!)... but I love using my Mamachic as a poolside coverup, a wrap on cool days (or days inside with A/C), and honestly as just a regular scarf! I have customers who wear it as a sexy top, and definitely many customers that find inventive ways to care for their baby — the "newest" has been a baby-carrier cover on windy days. Seriously, there are so many ways to wear, and it'll be whatever you need and want it to be!

  • Shannon
    5/8/2017 10:45 AM

    Hi Angela! How did you decide to manufacture in the USA and why did you choose to work with a cooperative? : )

  • Angela
    Angela – Special Guest
    5/8/2017 11:15 AM

    @Shannon Thank you for your question! Manufacturing in the USA was really important to me — I wanted to be certain that the Mamachic was made ethically, even if it meant my costs would be a bit higher. I also wanted to be on site for the manufacturing process, and having an accessible partner sew shop in North Carolina was perfect (I went to school down there and have a close connection to the state). Coincidentally, the sew shop is run by a college classmate of mine! Her name is Molly, and she is incredibly driven to maintaining a sustainable cooperative work environment for her employees, who can share in the profits. They make a living wage and are so good at what they do — I know, since I've literally been there throughout!

  • Joan
    5/8/2017 11:12 AM

    Does your scarf come with instructions on how to turn it into all these different things along with pictures so we can easily figure it out? Does it come in many colours?

  • Angela
    Angela – Special Guest
    5/8/2017 11:43 AM

    @Joan These are important questions! Thanks for asking. Your Mamachic Scarf will come with a little booklet, with step-by-step pictures and instructions on how to use, particularly for babycare! You will also find videos on our website as well, that give you more ideas. What's wonderful is that YOU will find creative, unique ways to wear your Mamachic :)

    We are offering 10 colors of Mamachics here on The Grommet, and they come in a double-layered "Original" style, and a single-layer "Fly."

  • Lara
    5/8/2017 3:02 PM

    Hi Angela! Can you tell me more about the fabric? How soft is it? Is it stretchy, lightweight, or heavy? And does it have any special washing instructions? Thanks!

  • Angela
    Angela – Special Guest
    5/8/2017 3:57 PM

    @Lara Our fabric is amazingly soft but very durable. It's a rayon from bamboo fibers mixed with cotton and a little bit of spandex! It's Oeko-Tex 100 certified, meaning it's been tested for dangerous chemicals. We love bamboo for its anti-microbial properties and breathability -- it wicks away moisture and keep you cool in the heat, but also nice and snugly in the cold :)

    Our double-layer "Original" style is a medium-weight scarf, while our single-layer "Fly" is lighter weight.

    As far as care, you can machine wash your Mamachic in cool water, and tumble dry -- or hang dry! It gets softer with each wash.

    Thanks Lara!

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