3-in-1 Clean Hands Changing Pad

Cleaner Changes

SnoofyBee Makers Mike and Amy Perry have five children, so we trust their diaper-changing expertise. They created this multi-functional portable changing mat to keep little and big hands cleaner and more.

A flexible shield protects grabby little hands from reaching into the diaper changing danger zone, and it’s adjustable to
accommodate both babies and toddlers. The soft design has loops to attach toys for added entertainment, and the barrier can lie flat to transition into a play mat. It’s water-resistant and wipes clean easily, too. When it’s time to go, the mat folds up neatly—and with one hand!—into a diaper clutch.

We can’t help you win the whose-turn-is-it fight over changing diapers, but this clever all-in-one pad makes it an easier (and cleaner) task for both babies and their grown-ups.
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Diaper duty gets cleaned up.

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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Amy

    Hello Everyone! I am Amy Perry, the co-founder of SnoofyBee. As parents of 5 kids, we know well some of the struggles that come along with parenting and we are excited to have our creation the "The Clean Hands Changing Pad" featured today. Diaper-time was often stressful and messy in our family with our busy little kids so we created this changing pad to help make diaper-time fun for our kids and easier on us.

  • Valarie
    8/9/2017 1:16 PM

    This is amazing, great idea

  • Amy
    Amy – Special Guest
    8/9/2017 2:08 PM

    @Valarie Thank you! I am excited for you to get to use it:) Diaper-time in our home used to get stressful but is MUCH more enjoyable now. It was one of those ideas born of necessity.

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