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Golf Gifts

Got a golf lover you need to shop for? Whether they’re just starting out or spend all their time on the green, show you have gifting game with these golf gifts. From ball markers and cleaners to innovative ideas for the course and beyond, we’ve tracked down unique gifts for golfers who have everything. Want more ideas? Check out our Golfer gift guide for more unique golf gifts.

Gifts by Hobby

Specialty golf gifts

Is she a new golfer or an experienced pro? Does he live on a golf course or love to showcase the sport at home? Picking golf and sports gifts that align with the recipients’ personal preferences and lifestyle allows you to choose thoughtful and memorable pieces that they’ll truly love:

  • New golfers: They love the game, but are just getting started—pick up some newbie friendly training gear, like the Palmbird putt trainer or club stands to make the game accessible and fun. Fitness and activewear are also ideal for new golfers. 
  • Golf décor fans: Does he display golf-related art at home or in the office? Pick up some innovative and fun décor items that showcase the game and highlight his space at the same time. Decor also makes great gifts for dads who love golf. 
  • Women golfers: Women need different sized equipment and accessories, so looking for golf gloves and gear designed specifically for women helps ensure a great fit—and lets you pick a gift she’ll love. From golfing gear to tools and carry equipment, speciality sizes make it easy for women to achieve their goals. 

Cool and innovative gifts for golfers

Choose one of these striking and memorable gifts when you want to make an impression. Your recipient will be delighted to have something new to show off on the course:

  • Creative and fun: The ultimate challenge—can you chip the ball onto this mini, floating green? Ideal if you have a pool or, if you don’t, just add to a kiddy pool—it floats.
  • Unique and cool: Practice after hours or spot your ball on a cloudy day, these rechargeable balls are easy to use and easy to find.
  • Practical and useful: Bring along a beer can cooler to keep things nice and cold on the back nine or anytime your favorite golfer wants to indulge. These make particularly welcome summertime gifts. 

Gifts for golfers who have it all

She has it all, but if she’s a golf fan, there are still ways to treat her to something special without giving tangible gifts. Tickets to an event, lessons, or even passes to the driving range are all easy to give and provide a lasting memory. You can also go mini-golfing together or visit a favorite course clubhouse for lunch and some time together.

Unique gifts for the experienced golfer

He already knows the basics and has a regular tee time, so focus on adding delightful touches and elements he wouldn't normally think of for himself. From customized gifts to soothing and supportive gloves and even skill builders, if he loves golf, he'll love one or more of these ideas as retirement gifts or for everyday use: 

  • Customized golf balls: He’s not a beginner, so he has all the basics, but you can elevate and personalize his game by providing him with his own customized golf balls. Choose from initials, monograms, and even symbols to make his game truly special.
  • Gifts that build skills: He’s mastered the game, but still needs to hone some specific skills. More advanced golf gifts that require practice to master make it easy to develop impressive new techniques that he can show off to his next foursome.
  • Soothing gloves: Golf requires some repetitive motions, from swinging to putting and these can sometimes lead to an achy back or wrist later. Soothe or prevent those aches with specialty golf gloves complete with copper inserts, so he can play as often as he wants, worry free.
  • Showcase his game with a variety of golf-themed accessories and gifts. A tee-adorned tie or golfer-themed socks let everyone know just how into the game he is.

Note ideas to include with your golfing gifts:

  • "Happy birthday! Here’s something fun to take on the links!"
  • "Hope these will help you take your game to the next level”
  • "Something to enjoy on the back nine”

If you’re hunting for even more gift ideas, check out these unique gifts for golfers.

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