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Music Gifts

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When picking out gifts for music lovers, Striking the right note is key. Whether it's a hands-on instrument that gets the creative juices flowing, a new audio innovation, or simply a way for someone to enjoy tunes just about anywhere (like, even in the shower), this collection has pitch-perfect finds for musicians and audiophiles of all ages.

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Ambient LED Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker
by TikiTunes
Spindeck Turntable
by Andover Audio
no reviews yet
Cedar Board Kalimba
by Mountain Melodies
Bluetooth Connected Guitar Trainer
by Jamstik
no reviews yet
Flexible Roll-Up Piano
by Rock And Roll It
Hi-Fidelity Earplugs
by Vibes
DIY Music Box
by Robotime
no reviews yet
Bluetooth Animal Speaker
by My Audio Pet
Home Karaoke Machine Kit
by Lucky Voice
Gourd Thumb Piano
by Mountain Melodies
DIY Vintage Record Player
by Robotime
no reviews yet
Bluetooth Water Bottle Speaker
by Asobu
Solo Smart Connected Hi-Fi Music System
by Como Audio
Loopy Lou
by brandnewnoise
Hearing Protection Device
SilkSound Stylish Bluetooth Headphones
by Paww
Spinbase Speaker System
by Andover Audio
Lil' Mib
by brandnewnoise
Tiny Roll Up Portable Toy Instrument
by Rock And Roll It
no reviews yet
Touchscreen Drumsticks
by StreetBeat™
no reviews yet
App-Connected Smart Piano Hi-Lite
by The ONE Music Group
EARBUDi Flex Headphone Clips
AIR 5-in-1 Audio System
by Quirky
no reviews yet
Tivoo Mini Pixel Clock & Speaker
by Divoom
Wired Noise Isolating Earbuds
by ISOtunes Audio
Religious Holiday-Inspired Silhouette Necklace
by Close 2 UR Heart
Flexible Roll-Up Drum Kit
by Rock And Roll It
Waterproof Speaker Creatures
by OnHand
Smart Piano Bench
by The ONE Music Group
no reviews yet
Flexible Roll-Up Bongos
by Rock And Roll It
no reviews yet
Duetto Smart Connected Hi-Fi Music System
by Como Audio
no reviews yet
App-Connected Smart Piano
by The ONE Music Group
no reviews yet
Eclipse Color Changing LED Lantern & Speaker
by Mooni
no reviews yet
Skwitch Touch & Play Music Button
by Skoogmusic
no reviews yet
Amico Portable Hi-Fi Music System
by Como Audio
no reviews yet
RunPhones Classic
by AcousticSheep
App-Connected Lighted Keyboard
by The ONE Music Group
Outdoor Freestanding Bluetooth Speaker
by KitSound
no reviews yet
Luci Solar Light & Bluetooth Speaker
no reviews yet
Roll Up Portable 22 Bar Xylophone
by Rock And Roll It
no reviews yet
Professional Noise Isolating Earbuds
by ISOtunes Audio
Near-Ear Bluetooth Speaker
by SunTunes
Loopit Tangle-Free Earbud Cord
Kid's Headphones
by Lunii
no reviews yet
Wireless Headphone Hat
by 1 Voice Beanie
Compact Bluetooth Stereo Speakers
by TOKK™
Wearable Bluetooth Neck Speakers
by Nomodo
Wireless Xtra Noise Isolating Earbuds
by ISOtunes Audio

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These unique gifts for music lovers are a great starting point:

  • The Solo Smart Connected Hi-Fi Music System lets you play music from FM, internet radio, Bluetooth, Spotify, and other sources. A remote control and wood casing provide a functional and beautiful listening experience. You can connect up to five of these music systems throughout your home.
  • Musicians and music enthusiasts alike will have fun experimenting with this cedar board kalimba by Mountain Melodies. Hand-crafted with care, this kalimba lets kids and adults alike pluck to their heart’s content.
  • What about a gift for kid who isn't sure what instrument to pick? Drums are a great instrument to try. This flexible roll-up rainbow drum kit introduces kids to the world of drumming with color-coded guides, demo songs, and a variety of realistic drum sounds. 
  • Tech-savvy kids who love music will jam out with this app-connected smart keyboard by The ONE Music Group. Compatible with smartphones and tablets, this gadget comes with LED lights and pre-programmed lessons to introduce kids to the world of piano.

Gift ideas by personalities and passions:

  • For tech lovers who enjoy music and want to have cool gadgets, wall-mountable Bluetooth speakers or wireless headphones are great gifts for any occasion.
  • For music lovers who like to express themselves, a personalized gift such as a customized wall decor or music-themed throw pillow will likely bring a smile to their face.
  • For beginner or aspiring musicians, practice instruments can help them develop basic skills while having fun. A flexible roll-up piano lets kids record and play back songs at home or on the go.

When choosing gifts for music lovers, sometimes it helps to choose music gifts by age and lifestyle:

  • Gifts for teens: A variety of cool and trendy gift ideas for teens with a knack for creativity—music lovers included.
  • Gifts for kids: Entertainment for kids and kids at heart. Perfect for aspiring musicians and kids who just want to have fun.
  • Graduation: It's a major stepping stone that demands celebration. Musical graduation gifts are sure to send them off in style.
  • Commuters: For traveling musicians. These gifts make it easy and fun to enjoy music on the go.

You might not find the best gifts for music lovers on a top ten list. Truly impactful gifts are carefully researched to match the unique interests and personality of the music lover you're shopping for.

What about the music lovers who have everything—or say they don't want anything?

Think outside of the music box and pick something unique to their personality. Superb gifts for musicians or music lovers who have it all might include a portable charger for their electronics, a custom notebook for their ideas, or hi-fidelity earplugs. Just want to choose something fun? Bluetooth animal speakers are cool, decorative, and functional for music lovers of all ages. 

Sending a note with your gift? Here are some ideas:

  • "Always keep your groove—keep drumming to your own beat."
  • "Never lose your rhythm."
  • "You will always be an inspiration. Don't forget to slow down and take in the melodies of life."

For music lovers & musicians alike, it’s important to find the right earphones or headphones for listening to or creating music.

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