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Gifts for Host & Hostess

Dinner party, backyard barbecue, or game night invitation coming up on the calendar? Don't go empty-handed. Here you'll find the most unique and useful host or hostess gifts and thank you gift ideas. They'll appreciate your thoughtfulness, and we bet a repeat invitation will surely be in your future.

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Gifts By Interest

Standout Hostess Gifts to Make Entertaining Easier

  • This handcrafted sausage and cheese slicer hits the nail on the head when it comes to both beauty and function. The handcrafted wood looks great on any countertop, while making it easier than ever to cut perfectly even slices for a charcuterie board. 
  • For hosts or hostesses known for their guac, pico, or other dip, this guac preservation container and serving tray might be the gift that revolutionizes their party-serving game. 
  • This cube of maple sugar makes practically every serving situation a little fancier. Perfect for grating fresh maple sugar shavings to top sweet treats, drinks, or aperitifs, this is the ultimate gift for the cook who focuses on details. 
  • Cloudy ice cubes can be a thing of the past. This clear ice cube maker freezes ice from the top down, pushing impurities and air bubbles out the bottom of the cube. The result is crystal-clear, slower-melting ice that makes drinks look even better. 

Beverage Gifts that Hosts and Hostesses Love

  • These gifts for the bartender include an array of unique gift options, whether the host or hostess on your mind enjoys serving wine, craft beer, or cocktails.
  • Many entertainers are known for their signature cup of dessert coffee or tea. Consider gifting your host or hostess a coffee or tea gift they'll use again and again. 
  • If your host or hostess enjoys a fine cup of wine, a selection from our wine gifts collection might be the perfect choice. Need more ideas? These wine lover must-haves are a great place to start.
  • Housewarming gifts aren't just for those new to their abode. These housewarming gift ideas include fabulous beverage indulgence options as well as other home-centric gifts that might be just the thing to make your gift recipient smile. 

Festive Gifts for Hosts and Hostesses who Love the Holidays

  • Holiday season is also football season. If your gift recipient is known for hosting game day get-togethers, you might find the ideal gift option among these game day finds
  • There's nothing like a festive gift to get into the spirit of the season. These festive finds include an array of gift ideas from stunning pie-making tools and vanilla sugar to elegant beeswax candles that make it easier than ever to get lit up for the holiday season. 
  • Every holiday is an opportunity to feast and indulge, and these gifts for foodies include something for practically every foodie out there—from chocolate lovers to artisanal cheese aficionados. 
  • Sometimes you just need a small gift to thank hosts and hostesses whose homes you visit, whether it's Thanksgiving, Easter, or the annual Labor Day BBQ. These small gifts include an array of small delights that won't break the budget. 

What to Get for the Host/Hostess who Has Everything (Or Doesn't Want Anything) 

Some people are tough to shop for. Gifts that allow hosts or hostesses to keep giving and serving are a great option. So are Grommet gift cards that let your recipient explore the options on their own. Personalized gifts offer another way to gift the warm fuzzy feelings that come with the most thoughtful gift ideas. 

Notes to Include With Your Gift

"I wanted to thank you for a delightful evening! Enjoy." 

"Just a small gift that brought you to mind. Your hospitality never goes unnoticed." 

"For the hostess who never fails to delight!"

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