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Gifts for Pet Lovers

We are a pet-loving bunch here at The Grommet and we love discovering unique innovative finds for animals and owners alike. Know someone who got a new pet or want to treat your own furry friend to something special? Shop this collection of pet gifts for cat and dog lovers.

Small wonders to make every day ever-interesting.
Curiouser and curiouser.


Gifts By Interest

Unique pet gifts to make them smile

Looking for a little something off the beaten path? You aren't likely to find these innovative pet gifts in big box stores. 

  • Have a pet lover on your list who's passionate about sustainability? The Self-Contained Natural Cat Litter box by Litter One includes a sturdy cardboard litter box, a scoop, and enough compressed pine pellets to last four to six weeks. The entire system is biodegradable and earth-friendly. The natural pine scent neutralizes the litter box smell, and a patented floor system allows you to swirl pellets around with the scoop to allow the soiled pellets to drop to the bottom. 
  • The Globe Bird Home by Byer of Maine is the modern birdhouse that nesting birds on your property will love. Each spherical dome birdhouse is made from mango wood and include a removable back hatch for easy cleaning at the end of the season. 
  • For those who have a pet with more fur than they need, these pet grooming gloves offer a brilliant solution. The silicone nubs on the fingers and palms of the gloves gently lift loose pet hair while massaging your dog or cat's coat, giving them a soothing massage while smoothing their coat. 
  • The humble scratching post just got a lot more attractive. This modular scratching block by KATRIS gives your cat a cozy, surrounded sitting space—and plenty of surfaces on which to sharpen their paws—without clashing with the decor. Ideal for cat lovers who don't want to sacrifice their home's aesthetic.

Fun gifts for playful pet owners

Outdoor adventure gifts

If the cat mom or dog dad in your life likes to take Fido on adventures in the great outdoors, you might find the ideal gift among these options. 

  • Keeping your canine pal hydrated while on the go is a lot easier than it used to be. The AutoDogMug® is shaped much like an ordinary travel mug, but a small bowl on top fills with water at the touch of a button,so your pup can get a drink sans the usual bowl and water bottle juggling act. 
  • In the colder seasons, going on usual long walks or runs with Fido can feel a little dicey. Outfit them in the best core-warmth-preserving outerwear, and they'll be set for adventures year-round. Reflective fleece-lined outerwear by RC Pets adds a layer of protection, keeping pups visible to car drivers. It also keeps them cozy and warm during fall and winter expeditions. 
  • Make sure your pets can stay just as comfortable as you are on the trail, campsite, or pretty much anywhere else. The Montana Nap by West Paw Design makes it possible. This plush pet bed is crafted from recycled materials. It rolls up compactly, yet re-lofts instantly to give your pet a cushy sleeping spot anywhere in the world. 

Gifts for the pet owner who has everything (or doesn't want anything)

Gifts for pet lovers obviously don't always have to be for the pets themselves. If the person on your list seems to have it all—or says they don't want anything at all—you still have options. You could shop according to your recipient's values—Made in the USA gifts and gifts with a focus on sustainable living—are both great places to start. Personalized gifts are also great for people who've got it all, as well.

If American-made pet products are super important to your pet lover, these made in the USA pet toys & accessories are sure to please.

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