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Gifts for Teachers

Educators have such an important job, so be sure to show them your appreciation with thoughtful, and useful, teacher gifts. These unique gift ideas for teachers go beyond the ordinary choices and really say "Thanks for making a difference."

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Gifts By Interest

Teachers have one of the most demanding jobs in the world, and their biggest measure of success is the education and growth you see in your children. With that kind of effort, appreciation definitely takes more than a gift card. 

Gifts for an Elementary School Teacher

The children in their care may be small, but the needs of those children are definitely not. One of the most rewarding teaching spaces can also be the most challenging, and a small gift can go a long way towards facing a day in the classroom with a smile. 

Gifts for a Grade School Teacher

In grade school, students are older and on their way to being wiser, and that's something of a double-edged sword. Thoughtful teacher gifts will help your favorite educator navigate the maze of questions, tests, and learning required to mold young minds for success:

Gifts for a High School Teacher

They not only handle teenage drama Monday through Friday, they manage to fit in calculus, history, and phys ed too—if that doesn't deserve unique, thoughtful teacher gifts, nothing does. Gifts for High School teachers are a welcome bonus for a job well done:

  • A little humor goes a long way, and a statement name plate on their desk will start the year on the right foot.
  • Give them the perfect place to stow their charger and smartphone before class with tech gifts
  • When the school AC is no match for the last months of the school year, this neck-mounted fan is a lifesaver.
  • If the school heating is a little too drying pre-winter break, send this water bottle humidifier to the rescue.
  • A well-rested teacher can cope with more shenanigans, so send them these warming aromatherapy slippers.
  • Jazz up the history classroom with these themed historical prints that make smart and attractive decor.

Personalize Your Teacher Gifts

No matter which item you send with your child for their teacher, make sure to enclose a personal note. It will let them know that you're a team when it comes to your child's education. Try adding gratitude messages like these:

  • Thank you for putting up with my kid—we miss you on the weekends.
  • [Child's Name] really appreciates your teaching style in (Favorite Subject). 
  • The [Your Name] family sends this small gift of our appreciation for [School Year]. 
  • Hope this helps you through the tough classroom days. Thank you for all you do. 

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