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Gifts for Wine Lovers

Go beyond the bottle to find unique wine gifts that even the most discerning wine drinkers will appreciate. In this collection of gifts for wine lovers, you’ll find innovative ideas to both serve and preserve vino. They make for great host or hostess gifts, housewarming ideas, wedding gifts and more.

Gifts By Interest

Wine gift ideas for the special people in your life

Have you been searching for a gift for someone who truly believes that everything is more fine when they're sippin' on some wine? Then please take a moment to peruse our collection of special gifts for wine lovers. We carry a wonderful selection of wine-related gift items that range from practical and useful to playful and fun:

  • The 21st birthday celebrant: Know someone who is about to turn 21? Then give them a wine gift that is also Instagram-worthy—a Premium Wine Making Kit. Just think of all the pictures they can take and post of the fermented fruits of their labor.  
  • Host Gifts: Whether you’ve been invited to a close friend's house for a Wine-y Wednesday or to a large holiday party thrown by your boss, it’s always nice to present your hosts with a token of your appreciation. A unique host gift, such as a wine sulfite purifier and aerator, may even be something they could use during their soiree. 
  • For women who love wine: We carry a number of interesting and unique wine gifts that we're sure that the vino lovers in your life will adore, including a clever Umbrella in a Bottle. As its name implies, this is an attractive umbrella that is stored in a wine-shaped bottle—definitely a conversation starter that is also practical. 

Interesting and unique wine gifts

These interesting, must-have wine gifts are sure to delight anyone who enjoys sipping on the nectar of the gods: 

Gifts that make wine even more enjoyable (bet you didn't know that was possible)

  • Do you know someone who loves wine with their dinner, but can never finish the whole bottle? Then they will definitely be pleased to own a Glass Wine Saver Carafe, which will allow them to save and keep their leftover wine fresh. 
  • Connoisseurs are always appreciative of products that will make their precious vino more enjoyable, such as the No-Spill Aerating Wine Glass, which is designed to release a wine's full flavor and aroma. 
  • Some people love the taste of red wine, but avoid drinking them because they're sensitive to sulfites and histamines they may contain. Well, avoid no more. The Wave Wine Bottle Filter removes those bothersome sulfites and histamines, but leaves the flavor of the wine intact. 

Gifts for the hard-to-shop-for wine lover:

Are you stumped on what to buy the wine lover in your life who seems to have it all? No worries. We have a number of innovative and unique gift ideas to choose from, including the Chardonnay Go Adult Board Game. We also have wine flasks so that your vino lover can carry their favorite drink with them on their next outing. Another great idea? Create a wine gift basket that contains a bottle or two of wine and some of our small accessories, such as the magnetic drinkware charms, cute coaster set or a red wine stain remover kit. 

Quick note ideas to send along with your gift:

  • “Thank you so much for thinking of us and inviting us to your gathering. Please accept this token of our appreciation.”
  • “Happy birthday! Sorry, I couldn't be there. Thinking of you and wishing I could be sipping a glass of wine with you on your big day.” 
  • “Congratulations on your marriage! Love you two to the moon and back.” 

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