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Quirky & Unusual Gifts

Consider us your own secret gift shop for finding the people on your list unique gifts they've never seen. From innovative gadgets to quirky gifts, we're constantly on the lookout for ideas that make gifting fun.

Find the hard-to-find, no map required.
Your antidote to ordinary.

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Gifts By Type

Unusual gifts can bring the ultimate in joy and whimsy to daily routines:

  • For the tech enthusiasts: While technophiles may be determined to own the best smartphones, wearable devices, and other gadgets, many are perfectly happy to make the most of goofy items they might otherwise not consider for their collection. These are ideal as gifts for men, although quirky gals also adore high-tech presents.
  • For foodies: Some people take real joy in coming up with new ways to enjoy their favorite foods. From silly utensils and cooking tools to seemingly odd mixes of ingredients, a variety of gifts for foodies can be called upon to bring additional excitement to mealtime.
  • For fashionistas: Does your favorite style maven enjoy making the most of eye-catching trends? If you're on the hunt for unique gifts for her, you can't go wrong with distinctive jewelry or memorable socks. Don't forget the men in your life, many would be happy to show off one-of-a-kind ties.

These quirky gifts are ideal for the goofy, yet fun people who make you smile:

  • Kids and kids at heart adore children's gifts that allow them to make the most of their imagination. Toys and games are ideal—the sillier the better.
  • Adolescents may feel the need to hide their inner silliness from the world, but the right teen gifts allow them to let loose at home or with close friends. Unique jewelry and accessories are also highly appreciated.
  • When in doubt, unique Christmas gifts are great for bringing out those inner quirks. Even seemingly ordinary individuals are happy to let their guard down in time for the holidays. 
  • While the special person in your life appreciates small tokens, you can really make your mark with a big statement gift that is just unusual enough to be remembered in years or even decades to come.

The best gifts will reflect the recipient's one-of-a-kind personality:

  • For creative folks: Some people can find new and intriguing ideas in the seemingly mundane—and they somehow manage to translate these concepts into impressive creations. Grant loved ones every opportunity to express their unique selves with DIY gifts.
  • For the mindful: Who said that calm and collected has to be serious? Worry dolls and other mindfulness gifts are decidedly unique—but that's what makes them so special. These special treats deliver serenity while also reflecting recipients' vibrant personalities.
  • For athletic types: A variety of fun fitness gifts reveal the explosive energy that keeps active types going when everyone else has slowed down. This energy often underlies some truly quirky traits, which will quickly become evident as recipients make full use of these gifts.

What if the one-of-a-kind person in your life already has everything?

Your unusual friend or family member may already seem to possess every wacky item imaginable, but some gifts truly go above and beyond to ensure a memorable unwrapping experience. Personalized gifts, in particular, are deeply meaningful for those who appreciate the quirkier moments in life—especially if the personalized elements are inherently silly. For example, a gift could be personalized to include an odd nickname or a quote that only the recipient would understand.

Don't forget to include a personalized message that highlights the upside of out-of-the-ordinary living. Look to these examples for inspiration:

  • "Unique people are the best people—and they deserve the best gifts!"
  • "Why pretend to be average when you can embrace your quirky side?"
  • "Thanks for teaching me that it's cool to be unique."

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