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The Click & Grow indoor garden starter kit comes with everything you need to grow delicious, fresh herbs year-round. You don’t need a green thumb and you don’t need much space for this little herb planter, which uses NASA-inspired technology to guarantee delicious results.

  • Materials: ABS plastic
  • Care: Refill water tank 1-2 times a month. All parts are machine washable
  • Includes 3 professional LED lights and adjustable lamp arm (4", 9", or 14")
  • Starter kit includes 3 complimentary basil capsules
  • Works on AC power (110-240V) not on batteries
  • Made in Estonia
  • Dimensions: 11.8" x 4.7" x 13"
  • Weight: 2.4 lbs.

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Sweet device


Grows fast, looks cool and now I have fresh basil in winter right from own indoor, kitchen garden. Buying as a gift for my favorite cooks.


Fast starts


Winter is approaching quickly in Washington, which means long, cold nights, even in my kitchen. My seedlings sprouted immediately and developed second leaves in 7 days. After 10 days they filled the dome. I'm very happy with the quick growth. There was a qr code to get an app for the garden which I accidentally damaged. Is there another way to access the app?More > < Less


Love my Garden


LOVE my garden - perfect size, and minimal effort. I gave it only 4 stars, because I wish it would tell me when to water - the app does not seem to have that option.More > < Less


Much smaller


The quality seems OK. But I will tell you, after looking at the photos next to the lady for perspective, I expected this thing to be 2, maybe 3 feet high. It is only 8" high. Maybe good enough to start but NOTHING to grow in.More > < Less

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Seeds to herbs. Indoors. Guaranteed.

About Click & Grow

Kitchen Farming

If you love cooking with fresh herbs, Click & Grow will let you grow your own all year long—even if you don’t have a green thumb or space for a garden.

This low-profile herb planter brings “kitchen farming” indoors with no guesswork. Founder Mattias Lepp was committed to using sustainable approaches to planting. He based Click & Grow on biomimicry—which imitates processes found in nature—and used NASA-inspired technology to guarantee results.

Click & Grow comes with an adjustable light source, a monitoring system, and a new growth medium called SmartSoil. It contains a year’s worth of nutrients, which are distributed evenly along with water and oxygen. Sensors constantly monitor water levels and signal when your herbs need a drink.

With absolutely no guesswork, you’ll have sprouts in just a few days. The Click & Grow herb planter makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves to garden—without any of the work.