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Based in Lisbon, Portugal, Make2 Play educational games are part DIY building kits, part toy, but all fun. These toys have to be made before they can be played. Children learn focus, experimentation, patience, and ultimately, accomplishment as they assemble and enjoy. Designed for kids 6 and up (with some adult assistance), the kits include step by step directions, historical insights, and concepts like engineering and biology.

Build the Sonic Boom Megaphone and let your voice be heard. Once the electronic
components are assembled, it amplifies and throws sound over long distances. Discover the power of The Vortex vacuum. This whirlwind project explores physics and may foster a lifelong cleaning habit. Even magnify the stars and capture light with the I See telescope.

The brain child of husband and wife team Luis Sebastiao and Paula Durao, the Make2Play name and inspiration came from their young son who loved the discovery of creating as much as playing.
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Make2Play - DIY Learning Kits

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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Luis

    Hi everyone! I’m Luis, one of the creators of Make2Play … but before starting your fun-omenal science adventure, let me introduce you to our company and toys. Let’s make our day with your questions and play!

  • Lori
    8/27/2014 8:04 PM

    I love Grommet products, I was excited for these toys however, made in China? And there pricey, what's the scoop

  • Luis
    Luis – Special Guest
    8/28/2014 11:00 AM

    @Lori, Good question ;)

    Yes, they’re produced in china but made in Portugal. Everything is designed, created and prototyped here, by us, and tested under our quality control (US and EU). But, to attain a large scale production we couldn’t produce it locally. We could manufacture it but only as a limited edition (then would be really pricey) and we want our brand to be as universal as possible and at same time make our product available for All, under our target group.

    The scoop is what you can see. Our products are unique, authentic and original. Isn’t just a great box; the box, parts and instructions make one overall product experience from which you’ll value what's inside … the experiment, the learning moments and a toy to play at the end. But don’t rely solely on my words, buy and experience it by yourself!

    Again, thanks for sharing your excitement with us.

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