Precision Picture Hanging Kit

Repositionable Picture Hanging Kit

Picture Perfect

This set has all the picture hanging hardware you need—and makes putting up art or photos an altogether easier process. The Precision Picture Hanging Kit takes the multiple holes, marks, and endless adjustments out of the decorating equation. And it even protects your walls once your pictures are up.

The two-part locking system
is the key to fuss-free, just-right placement. The anchor screws into the back of what you want to hang—like frames, mirrors, or other décor. It locks with the adhesive-backed wall hanger, which temporarily sticks to the wall while you find the perfect spot. It stays stuck until you're ready to permanently screw it in.

After your artwork is hung, bumpers prevent it from shifting and protect your walls, too. The kit works with various hangers, like d-rings, keyholes, sawtooth, and wire, and it can handle up to 50 pounds.

Now there’s no need for a hammer and nails. And no need for guesswork and wall-wounding adjustments. You’ll get a perfect placement, every time.
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Never again ask, "Is this picture crooked?"

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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Rock

    Hello Grommet fans! I’m Rock Smeja, one of the founders of Limitless Innovations. We’re certainly excited and honored to launch our innovative Precision Picture Hanging Kit today! We hope that you will love it.

  • Karen
    7/20/2017 11:55 AM

    How much weight will it hold?

  • Rock
    Rock – Special Guest
    7/20/2017 12:23 PM

    @Karen Each wall anchor (both anchor with stop or anchor without stop) will hold up to 50lbs each. For example, 2 anchors will hang up to 100lbs and so on. Hope that helps!

  • Christy
    7/20/2017 3:03 PM

    How do you attach the picture to the wall in a way to ensure it's not crooked? Usually, when I am up close to the wall, as in when I put the picture where I want it, I am too close to judge if it is level.

  • Rock
    Rock – Special Guest
    7/20/2017 3:41 PM

    @Christy There are interlocking gears of wall hanger and receiver that are used together to create PictureLock technology that allows efficient marking, moving, locking, and leveling. Bumpers are also included to help protect walls and prevent wall décor from shifting. Lastly, the 12 Picture Kit model includes a Tape Measure that includes a level that is perfect for what you're asking about!

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