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Everything a couple needs to safely make an abstract painting while sharing their love.

  • Made in the USA
  • Dimensions: 54" x 0.1" x 41"
  • Weight: 1 lb.


  • 8' x 12' plastic tarp to protect surfaces from paint splashes
  • 3.5' x 4.5' specially treated cotton canvas
  • 4 oz. bottle of specially formulated all-natural, organic, non-toxic, washable paint
  • Two pairs of disposable slippers
  • Soft mesh body scrubber


  • Roll the plastic sheet out onto the floor
  • Place the specially treated canvas on top of the plastic sheet
  • Pour the 4 oz. of specially formulated paint onto the canvas, and then use your bodies to move the paint around and across the canvas to a unique abstract image
  • Throw the disposable slippers on and walk to the shower or bath to wash each other
  • After your one-of-a-kind abstract painting has dried, simply take the canvas to your local art store and have it stretched onto a frame
  • If this item is intended as a gift and might not arrive in time, print this card to give while your order is being shipped

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A fun way to "make love."


This was such a fun, unique way for my gf and I to "make love. I chose the black canvas with all the colors. The only suggestion I would make for this particular one (with black canvas) is to have colored paints in smaller tubes. It was hard to guess how much was two ounces and probably we could have used more paint. The result is definitely a masterpiece, though!More > < Less




That’s all I’m saying. OMGOODNESS!


Great wedding gift!


This was a wedding gift for my niece and her husband. I can't tell you if they liked it as much as I liked giving it to them, but I hope so! I thought it made for an interesting departure from the run-of-the-mill gifts that newlyweds get. I like thinking that it provides them with a funny story that they can share, or not, with people who see it.More > < Less


Waiting for a special Occasion


Looking forward to it everything we need is there Great Idea


Awesome gift


I gave this to my husband for Valentines Day, but it was definitely a gift for me also! We were in the process of redecorating and painting in the bedroom, so we chose colors based on our
" Artwork"- so much fun.
More > < Less

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LOVE IS ART - Intimate Painting Kit


Creative Coupling

If you’re looking for a creative way to spice up date night, Jeremy Brown’s painting kit puts a sexy spin on couples’ art. For those adventurous partners who give it a try, Jeremy’s body-painting technique is a liberating, expressive, and beautiful way to create art together.

Jeremy, a South African-born artist, has been making paintings while making love for more than a decade, inspired by French artist Yves Klein, who made art in the 1960's by directing human models covered in paint. After a friend asked Jeremy what she would need to make a painting with her husband on their anniversary, Jeremy came up with the idea for a kit. His Love Is Art package has all the materials needed to ensure a safe project, including a large plastic sheet to protect the floor; white cotton canvas; non-toxic paint; and even two pairs of disposable booties so you can walk to the shower to clean up without leaving a trail of footprints.

The movement of intertwined bodies distributes the paint across the canvas, creating a one-of-a-kind abstract image. After it dries, the painting is ready to be framed—a tangible reminder of a romantic experience. Are you ready to take a passionate plunge into paint?