Traditional Fully Adjustable Belt

By Mission Belt Co.

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Mission Belts are leather belts without holes. Each belt has a ratchet system to make adjustments. If the belt is too large, it can be simply cut from the unfinished end for a perfect fit.

  • Materials: Genuine leather with synthetic coating
  • Metallic 35 mm buckle with brushed stainless steel finish
  • Fully adjustable with teeth at the back that ensure the belt does not slip around
  • Adjustable at 0.25 inch increments
  • To remove, pull the lever underneath the buckle, releasing the clasp to slide back and forth
  • Belt width is 1.5"
    Size according to your pant size. Example: 31 inch pant size would be a small belt

  • Small: 28-32 inch pant size
  • Medium: 33-35 inch pant size
  • Large: 36-38 inch pant size
  • X-Large: 39-42 inch pant size

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Perfect Belt for Anyone--Especially During Weight Loss


My husband has been on a weight-loss journey. He had mentioned that he was at the second-to-last hole in his belt. On Thanksgiving, he showed me how his belt now had a big, long end flapping out.

This Traditional Fully Adjustable Belt was in my closet waiting to be wrapped for Christmas. It became his Thanksgiving Day present instead. I had ordered an Extra Large because he wasn't *quite* to the regular size...or so I thought. He was able to cut off the extra and now has a belt that will last him down to (and past) his goal weight.

This is an excellent product, beautifully made and so versatile. Thanks for this!
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Best belt ever


I love this belt. It looks great and fits like a glove since it adjusts to your waistline in small increments. Great for dress or play.


My husband loves this belt!


Not being limited to adjusting between holes that are an inch apart, makes the belt much more comfortable to wear.


Pleased, wears it for work.


My husband likes the adjustable feature and width. I ordered a brown Mission Belt because he is so pleased with the quality.


Best Belt I've Ever Owned


Genius idea. I've since bought in two other colors, and bought an a new buckle.

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Mission Belt Co - micro-adjustable belt

About Mission Belt Co.

Buckle up

The Mission Belt is an adjustable no holes belt designed to do more than hold up your pants. It’s uniquely constructed to fit your waistline just right. Unlike traditional belts with holes located at 1 inch intervals, the Mission Belt can be easily adjusted in tiny increments of a 1/4 inch.

When you gain a pound, or let’s be honest, a few, the last thing you need is a well-worn belt notch that no longer fits broadcasting your weight gain to the world. With Mission Belt, you get the same sleek look regardless of whether your waistline is at its trimmest or you’ve fallen off the workout wagon.

With its genuine leather strap and beautifully crafted buckle, The Mission Belt has a classic look; but its mission is anything but. Founded by three friends, the company set out to do more than make an adjustable belt for men of all ages and all occasions. They wanted to give a hand to people in developing countries in need of money to help their small businesses thrive. By donating $1 for every belt sold to non-profit, peer-to-peer "micro-lending" organization called Kiva, they’ve done just that.

Not sure about size? Err on the larger side because you customize the fit by cutting the end that hides behind the buckle. Now that's what we call notch-your-average-belt.