Trigger Release Gas Can

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Filling up is easier and safer with this gas can that eliminates spills. Fuel is dispensed from the bottom of the durable container, so no more heavy lifting. An easy-to-angle flexible spout and a trigger release system give you better control over filling and pouring (and an added measure of safety).

  • Made in the USA: Lebanon, TN
  • Materials: Polyethylene
  • Includes one trigger release gas can
  • Dispenses fuel from bottom of can
  • Flexible pouring spout rotates down 180 degrees to be placed into receiving tanks of equipment
  • Trigger release system allows complete control over filling process
  • Safe and secure; child-proof fill cap, tether, pouring spout cap, and safety release trigger
  • Durable and strong; made with 6 layers of polyethylene
  • Can withstand tremendous pressure/violent impacts
  • Inner layer helps remove smell of fuel
  • No more awkward heavy lifting, bending, or pressing of a release button
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Eliminates spills and features a self-venting design
  • Dimensions: 2.2 Gallons: 13.62" x 9.62" x 14.12";
    5 Gallons: 15.82" x 11.62" x 17.31"
  • Weight: 2.2 Gallons: 3.4 lbs.; 5 Gallons: 4.56 lbs.
    Instructions for use:
  • Press down on the child-proof cap and unscrew
  • Pull pouring spout away from the can and turn down towards receiving tank on equipment
  • Push safety trigger straight back to release and engage the trigger release system
  • Squeeze down on trigger to open vents and permit fuel to flow
  • Move handle up or down to control flow of fuel
  • Once receiving tank is full, release trigger and can will seal
  • Remove additional fuel that may be in ribs of pouring spout by tipping the can towards pouring spout side while the spout is still in the receiving tank
  • Once all excess fuel is removed from pouring spout, return spout to upright position

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Huge improvement over standard can


This works much better than a standard plastic gas can. The trigger is a better design and the spout allows you to pour the gas without spilling.


I like the function of this style of fuel container.


I had purchased a smaller version of this container from another retailer and had quite a bit of experience with the function of this container, and preferred it to any of the many similar sized containers I own. Based on that experience, it was a simple decision to order the larger container here.More > < Less


Bought it to use with snow blower now and lawn mower this summer


When I took it to the gas station it was easy to fill at the weight I could lift . Putt it into the snow blower was so easy, since it doesn’t have to be lifted and balanced I am 70. I recommend you purchase this with just a squeeze handle !More > < Less


Ideal portable gas container!


Perfect size to store an emergency supply of gasoline. It's safe, light, sturdy and super easy to operate. It completely eliminates the possibility of spills while transferring fuel to a vehicle or appliance! A size missing from the offering is the one gallon variety. That item would complete the trifecta of superb portable gas containers!More > < Less




While my husband hasn’t used this yet, he loves the concept and expects not to spill gasoline in the garage anymore!

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SureCan | Trigger Release Gas Can Review

About SureCan

Better Fill Ups

Maker Brad Ouderkirk was fed up with spilling fuel on himself, his equipment, and his lawn (it happens to the best of us). So he created a Made in the USA gas can that eliminates spills as a better way to fill up.

SureCan dispenses fuel from the bottom, which makes it safer and more convenient to store and pour fuel. The durable container is not only easier to use, it also prevents any heavy lifting—and the flexible spout means no more awkward angles trying to fill a tank.

Brad didn’t stop at changing the dispensing location, he included a trigger release system to give you more control and an added measure of safety. Plus, he made the fill cap and spout child-proof, and the inner layer helps remove the smell of fuel. His redesign smartens up the filling up.