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Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend

Need ideas for what to get your girlfriend for Christmas? Unique, thoughtful gifts will always top her list. We’ve pulled together this special collection to take out the guesswork and help get you started.

Indulgent Christmas Gifts for the Girlfriend Who Deserves a Break
Sometimes you just need to take a breather. Give your girlfriend a thoughtful gift that facilitates a little relaxation, rejuvenation, and self-care, and she'll never forget it. 


Christmas Gifts for Creative Girlfriends
Some girlfriends just have a knack for creating beauty in the spaces around them, whether that means wielding a band saw for a DIY project, painting a portrait, or planning out a new adventure. 


Notes to Include With Your Gift

"I thought this might make your life a little easier, and you deserve to treat yourself! Hope you love it."


"This made me think of you. Love ya, babe." 


"Merry Christmas to the girlfriend who always makes me smile! Here's a little something I thought you'd love."

Gifts for the Girlfriend Who Loves Where She Lives
For some, a sense of deep roots, home, and place is everything. If that's your girlfriend, she'll likely love these gifts. 


Gifts for the Girlfriend who Has Everything (Or Doesn't Want Anything)
Some ladies are just tough to shop for. What do you do for your girlfriend if she says she doesn't want anything at all for Christmas? Consider looking through these gifts for her, or select a small stocking stuffer or two to pair with a coupon for a romantic experience you've been wanting to have together--like a new gourmet restaurant in town, or a concert to a band you both love. You might also consider shopping for a gift that fits her values, whether she prizes Made in the U.S.A. products or handmade items crafted by underrepresented people and groups. If you really want to go big, check out these big statement gifts for options, as well. 


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