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Looking for unique gift ideas? We've got you covered.

Family Christmas Gifts

Shopping for an entire family-pleasing gift? We say go big with family Christmas gifts, and know you're pleasing the whole crowd with one stellar find. If they're into game-fueled backyard hang, cozy movie nights, or you want to wow them with a personalized, extra-special something packed with meaning, the best family gifts for Christmas are all right here. Find more unique Christmas gifts for everyone on your list.


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Smart Garden
by Click & Grow
Travel Heated Seat Cover
by Chaheati
Roller Coaster Building Toy Set
by SpaceRail
no reviews yet
Tide Clock
by Tidepieces
Roll-Up Travel Chess / Checkers
by Sondergut
Mason Bee Barrel
by Wildlife World
no reviews yet
Multi-Handle Snow Disc
by Gizmo Riders
no reviews yet
Custom Map Canvas Wall Art
by ScreenCraft Gifts
no reviews yet
9" x 12" Single Gallery
by Articulate Gallery
Rubbing Alcohol Tabletop Fire Pit
by FLÎKR Fire
no reviews yet
Chelsea Wall Mount Indoor Fireplace
by Anywhere Fireplace
Bug & Bee Biome
by Wildlife World
Cubockle Dice Cornhole Game
Fitness Walking Poles
by BungyPump
Kids Active Sitting Stool
by ErgoErgo
Wooden Shoot The Moon Tabletop Game
by WE Games
no reviews yet
Abstract Strategy Board Game
by Kulami
no reviews yet
Urban Worm Composting Bag
by The Urban Worm Company
Castle Toy Construction Set
by Wise Elk
Toadally Cute Gift Box Set
by Fat Toad Farm
SLAPZI Card Game
Tivoo Mini Pixel Clock & Speaker
by Divoom
Titan Telescoping Flagpole
by Flagpole Farm
The Pollinating Bee Nester
by Wildlife World
12 inch Solid Chocolate Pizza
by CB Stuffer
Giant Cookie
by Fantastic Fortune Cookies
Private Photo Organization Device
by Monument
no reviews yet
Labyrinth Deluxe Board Game
no reviews yet
Toss & Bounce Outdoor Game
by RampShot
no reviews yet
Ergonomic Meditation Seat - Fabric
by Alexia
Porch Swing Bird Feeder
by Wildlife World
AIR 5-in-1 Audio System
by Quirky
no reviews yet
uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Maker
by GrowlerWerks
no reviews yet
Hot Chocolate Service for 5
by Ticket Kitchen
Sport Solar Cooker
by GoSun
no reviews yet
Wooden Owl Salt & Pepper Grinder
by Spring Copenhagen
Handheld Cinema Projector
by Cinemood
Standalone Build Toy Construction Set
by Wise Elk
9" x 12" Double Gallery
by Articulate Gallery
Lumen Candle Shadow Projector
by Adam Frank
Reclaimed Scottish Whisky Barrel Frame
by Whisky Frames
Gratitude Jar
by Studio Penny Lane
Monogram Metal Address Sign
by Back40-Designs
100 Piece Art Jigsaw Puzzle
by The Waterford Puzzle Company
no reviews yet
Augmented Reality Moon Sculpture
by AstroReality
no reviews yet
Portable Picnic Table
by Picnic Time
All-Season Sled
by Slicer by Ice Meister
Round Silhouette Address Sign
by Back40-Designs

Christmas gifts for the family that loves to spend time together

Gifts parents of school-aged children will love

For more family-sized fun, check out these tips for elevating your next game night.

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Gifts for adventurous families

Adventurous families are always on the go—taking on new challenges, exploring new places, and setting up their homes for success. These gifts are perfect for those unique families.

Gifts for the family that has everything (or doesn't seem to want anything)

Still not sure which family gift ideas are right for the family you have in mind? Some families don't seem to want or need anything at all. For these families, look for personalized gifts that add a custom element that they're sure not to find anywhere else. You might also find a great option among these unique Christmas gifts—for something truly innovative (or handmade) that your family isn't likely to find anywhere else.

Notes to include with your gift

Merry Christmas to one of my favorite families! I hope this helps you enjoy being together this holiday season and well beyond the New Year."

For the family that's always been there for me, here's something for you all! Merry Christmas!"

"Just a little something I thought would make you smile. Happy Holidays!"