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Ever dreamed of a cocktail that could prevent hangovers? Ficks is a fortifier that turns your drink into one—stopping “morning after” symptoms before they start. Its delicious, detoxifying ingredients enhance the taste of your cocktails like traditional mixology stir-ins.

Maker Ron Alvarado carefully chose the blend of vitamins,
electrolytes, and antioxidants to replenish what alcohol takes away. Ficks prevents nausea, combats dehydration, promotes liver health, and detoxifies your body.

The locally sourced, all-natural ingredients are housed in apothecary style bottles reminiscent of cocktail bitters. As artfully flavored as any mixology garnish, Ficks is available in lemon, lime, and ginger.

Ron was motivated to create Ficks by the toll that socializing during the week can take. A fun night with friends seems like a mistake when you wake up feeling the effects of every drink you had. Now you can enjoy flavor-enhanced, vitamin-infused cocktails and have a healthier morning after.
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Ficks - Cocktail Fortifier

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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Ron

    Hi everyone, I'm Ron, the founder of Ficks Cocktail Fortifier. Add a half ounce to your next cocktail to flavor the night and savor the next day. I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have!

  • Karren
    12/23/2014 12:25 PM

    Hi Ron! What a wonderful idea! My question is, if you have more than a few drinks - do you need to add the fortifier to each and every drink?

  • Ron
    Ron – Special Guest
    12/23/2014 12:43 PM

    @Karren Thank you for checking us out! We recommend a "more the merrier" approach in terms of the share of your drinks to include Ficks in, but in each half ounce serving there is 500% of your daily value of Vitamin B1, 100% of B3, 100% of B6, 100% of B12 and 50% of Vitamin C (along with potassium and necessary amino acids). If you're in for a long night in Vegas, I'd recommend putting Ficks into as many of the drinks you have as possible. Otherwise, in 1-2 drinks during the night you should see a big benefit in the morning. One way we've found people love to use Ficks is as a 50/50 mixer in a shooter, which is a fun way to keep a balance and make a great tasting drink as well! Happy Holidays!

  • Robin
    12/23/2014 12:49 PM

    If I only drink Martini's Straight up these will add flavor to the martini correct? If I use the lime flavor would it just taste like a squeezed lime in my martini? I usually squeeze fresh lime

  • Ron
    Ron – Special Guest
    12/23/2014 12:57 PM

    @Robin The idea behind the flavor profiles for Ficks was to make them as universal as possible, so that people who use traditional garnishes, like a lemon or lime, can simply substitute it in. In the case of Lime Ficks, we use natural lime extract so it tastes similar to fresh lime juice, but will be noticeably sweeter. It's a very good addition to any martini, as it can soften the bite of the spirit, so I definitely recommend giving it a try.

  • renee
    12/23/2014 2:25 PM

    @Ron what if you don't use lemons or limes? still add it?

  • Ron
    Ron – Special Guest
    12/23/2014 2:53 PM

    @renee totally! Even if a drink doesn't call for lemon, lime or ginger, Ficks will still add fantastic flavor/function. I'd recommend trying the various flavors out with different cocktails to see what you like best.

  • toni
    12/23/2014 12:55 PM

    Am I wrong or would this be good for any day you feel "off"; recovering from a cold, or the flu; or just extra tired?

  • Ron
    Ron – Special Guest
    12/23/2014 1:05 PM

    @toni You are correct that some of the ingredients in Ficks are ones that you would also find in, for example, an Airborne or multivitamin. Those ingredients can help you prevent certain illnesses, but we don't recommend using Ficks for this purpose. We hand picked our specific ingredients because they're what is essential, and lost, during the alcohol metabolization process. So while the functional ingredients target that issue specifically, they could have some benefits for "off" days like you mentioned. People really do like the flavor of Ficks, so if you wanted to just mix it with water for the benefit of the functional ingredients it's great.

  • Cheri
    12/23/2014 1:01 PM

    How much do you have to add to each drink?

  • Ron
    Ron – Special Guest
    12/23/2014 1:07 PM

    @Cheri The recommended serving size is 1/2 ounce. This is the serving size that contains 500% of your daily value of Vitamin B1, 100% of B3, 100% of B6, 100% of B12 and 50% of Vitamin C, as well as electrolytes and amino acids. This is also enough to contribute to the flavor profile of your drink. However, I typically put about a shot glass worth in my drink because I really like the flavor.

  • Jill
    12/23/2014 2:15 PM

    How long does it stay fresh after you open the bottle?

  • Ron
    Ron – Special Guest
    12/23/2014 2:21 PM

    @Jill Given the natural ingredients in Ficks, it will stay fresh for 2 weeks (refrigerated) after opening the bottle. Ficks must be refrigerated after opening, and stays fresh for 9 months unopened.

  • Gail
    12/23/2014 3:08 PM

    Hi Ron, brilliant product! What about beer and wine?

  • Ron
    Ron – Special Guest
    12/23/2014 3:42 PM

    @Gail Thanks, Gail! If you'll see my answer to Robbie, we're working on a flavorless version that might go well wine and beer. The reason Ficks works so well with mixed drinks is that a cocktail is by its very nature a mixture of things. When you get into the wine industry, where bottles age for years and cost hundreds of dollars, people tend to want just the wine and can't think of mixing it with anything else. For this reason I don't know if we'll be seeing Ficks for wine anytime soon, but hopefully we can figure out beer once the flavorless version is done.

  • Robbie
    12/23/2014 3:32 PM

    Itwould be awfully nice if you could come up with this same product, UNflavored. I drink rum and coke, and also at time, vodka cranberrys. Not one of your 3 Ficks would go with either of those. Can you make a plain one? Or should I just buy gator aide with electrolites, and use that???

    Thank you Ron:-)

  • Ron
    Ron – Special Guest
    12/23/2014 3:40 PM

    @Robbie Unfortunately I'm going to have to recommend Gatorade for the time being :-( After crowdfunding the initial production run of our first three flavors, we immediately wanted to make a flavorless version for exactly the cases you're talking about (as well as for Gail's point about wine and beer). However, while I'm certain we will eventually introduce a flavorless version it has proven far more difficult than making Ficks with flavors. The reason for this is that the ginger and citrus do a great job of completing masking the vitamin taste, but when you get into a flavorless formulation it's pretty hard to eliminate all flavors. Stay tuned with our social media accounts/website in 2015 to hopefully get an update on this, but I assure you the crowd has been heard and we're working hard on it!

  • katie
    12/23/2014 5:35 PM

    @Ron you should tell Robbie that the traditional garnish for both Rum and Coke aka (Cubra Libra) and Vodka with Cranberry is a slice of fresh lime. Sounds like he needs a new bartender.

  • Sharon
    12/23/2014 11:42 PM

    @katie What makes a Cubra Libre a Cubra Libre IS the lime. Hence, if you don't want the lime, you order a rum and coke. I am a certified mixologist and lime is not added to a rum and coke - unless one orders a cubra libre. With that being said, lime is a great addition to either of those drinks - perhaps with a bit of OJ on the vodka/cranberry (maddress) that he/she (Robbie) might consider. Cheers!

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