Light-Up Drink Cubes

By Glo Drinks

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Put this in your drink and you got yourself a party. Made from food-safe, BPA-free plastic, these light-up cubes are engineered to glow when they touch liquid, then turn off when the glass is empty (without any knobs, switches, or buttons).

  • Materials: Polystyrene plastic, LED light, 3 coin cell batteries
  • Care: Hand wash only
  • Includes 4 activated light-up drink cubes
  • Instructions for use: Do not place in mouth. Must be used in liquids that contain ions
  • Automatically lights up when placed in any beverage
  • Light cycles through 9 different colors
  • Turns off immediately when drink has been consumed or if it is removed from the beverage
  • Good for events such as birthday parties, cocktail parties, or music festivals
  • Free of BPA, Hg, and phthalates
  • Food safe and nontoxic
  • Reusable, lasts approximately 8+ active hours
  • Batteries are sealed for safety and are non-replaceable
  • No drying needed
  • Please note: Most liquids contain ions, with the exception being straight liquor 40% abv and above. Activates immediately with mixed cocktails, beer, and wine, but may not activate if placed in straight liquor sources (like a shot without any added juices/liquids)
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: Each: 1.2" x 1.0" x 0.75"
  • Weight: Each: 0.01 lb.

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6/27/2019 by Ann

They really work and are bright. I love these



10/19/2018 by Mae

Being the holidays are coming up I bought them for House warming gift, so not sure what they’ll think. Love the idea so that’s why I ordered them ... just for funMore > < Less



7/26/2018 by Molly

What a riot! They are fun!



7/25/2018 by Donna

Love these



7/25/2018 by Magdalena

Liked this product

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What millennials mean by “It’s lit.”

About Glo Drinks

It’s lit

Your drink will be the life of the party. These liquid-activated light-up cubes turn on as soon as they hit your drink—then turn off when your glass is empty.

Whether you’re organizing a party, event, or using them for everyday amusement, Glo Drinks are professional entertainers. Made from food-safe, BPA-free plastic, they smoothly cycle through 9 different colors for up to eight hours, without any switches, knobs, or buttons.

Glo Drinks started off as a college project. Mississippi Makers Hagan & Kylie, wanted to create a tea that would glow, and invented a way to keep a light on under water.

We’re happy they did. Now, you can liven up a party with just liquid and this.