Universal Cold Brew Coffee Filter

By Rumble Go


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A cold brew coffee filter that fits in your existing water bottle means coffee to-go is more accessible and affordable than ever—you brew and sip all in one. No need for heat, it takes a minute to set up and then steeps while you sleep. Made of food-grade stainless steel and BPA-free silicone, it adjusts to your bottle’s height, is durable, and dishwasher safe.

  • Materials: Filter: Food-grade stainless steel type 304 (18/8); Base and cap: Food-grade BPA-free silicone
  • Care: Detach all 3 pieces before washing. Filter, base, and cap are dishwasher safe
  • Includes: Height-adjustable filter. Water bottle not included
  • Instructions: Adjust the height of filter and add coarse coffee grounds. Secure the silicone cap and place filter into your bottle. Add water into the bottle and secure the lid. Give the bottle a quick shake to ensure grounds are wet. Let sit for 8-24 hours. Remove the filter and enjoy
  • Filter height adjusts from 6.5”-7.75”, works with bottle with 2" - 2.5" mouth diameter, see compatibility list for more information
  • Etched lines on filter that help you eyeball the right amount of grounds
  • Made of durable, dent-resistant 18/8 stainless steel
  • Features 200 micron sized holes, ideal for coarse coffee grounds
  • For ages 18+
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Dimensions: Adjustable height: 6.25"-7.625" x 2" diameter
  • Weight: 0.19 lb

About Rumble Go

Coffee To-Go

Rumble Go was brewed up by Hans and Karl Reichstetter, twins who tinker and design together from opposite coasts. After years of frequenting coffee shops, they sought an at-home approach that would taste like the real thing. After creating a barista-quality cold brew coffee in a mason jar, they challenged themselves to make a system that was even more portable.

The resulting Rumble Go is as portable as can be. Made of food-grade stainless steel and BPA-free silicone, the durable, dent-resistant, and dishwasher safe components can fit into your existing water bottle. It takes just a minute to set up and then it steeps while you sleep. With no heat or extra gear required, it’s perfect for overnight travels and everyday commutes. Since cold water extracts 70% less acid than hot water, your coffee will taste smoother and sweeter, too.