All-Natural Herbal Itch Relief Soap

By Marie's Original Formulas

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This all-natural itch relief soap is a Made in the USA blend of oils, herbs, clay, oatmeal, and extracts. Bentonite clay helps pull the oils from poison ivy and poison oak out of the skin, which can help relieve symptoms. And you can use the soap preemptively on skin prone to eczema and psoriasis. It can help soothe, relieve, and restore some peace of mind.

  • Made in the USA: West Nyack, NY
  • Ingredients: Vegetable glycerine soap, organic oat bran, pure natural clay, olive oil, infusions or essentials oils of betula lenta, salix alba, morinda citrifolia, sassafras albidum, and grindelia camporum. Contains no dyes, artificial ingredients, or scents
  • Instructions: To prevent a rash or irritation from starting in the first place, wet skin and lather affected area with soap. Leave lather on skin for five minutes and then rinse thoroughly. To soothe an irritation that has already developed, lather up a second time and allow to dry on skin for long lasting relief. Use twice daily or as needed. Do not use this product on broken skin without consulting a physician
  • Sassafras root bark is a natural antihistamine that works quickly and stops itching
  • Noni and white willow herbs soothe swelling, pain, and irritation
  • Natural green clay and organic oat bran remove toxins and irritants from the skin. Stops the progression of irritation
  • Packaging is plastic-free and fully recyclable
  • Mild herbal scent
  • Dimensions: 3” x 1” x 1”
  • Weight: 0.2 lb.

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best soap for anti itch & psoriasis

4/15/2019 by Lori

I bought this soap for my Mom who has breast cancer (not curable) and she also has psoriasis. Both affect her skin - dryness and itchiness. This soap is the only thing that has helped her. It relieves the itchiness and her psoriasis is almost nonexistent since she has been using this soap. HIGHLY recommend it!More > < Less


Great natural priduct

5/21/2018 by Tee

This stuff works!


Works so good, I bought 2 more!

3/17/2018 by Debbie

The anti-itch works! It was a bit weird, to leave the 2nd soaping on the itchy areas, but...it worked as advertised! Natural anti-itch thatti-itch that really works!More > < Less


This works!

3/7/2018 by Debbie

I followed directions, and left the 2nd soapy suds on my body....I put on a loose gown, while I dried....then into a clean dry gown. ...A bit skeptical, no itch!
I’m back to purchase 2 more bars.
Great product!
More > < Less



10/26/2018 by Isabella M

Pleasantly surprised that it actually does calm the itch. It does dry my skin some but nothing that coconut oil which I use every day, can't repair.More > < Less

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Your itchy skin might like this soap.

About Marie's Original Formulas

Natural Itch Relief

This all-natural itch relief soap is Made in the USA. It was conceived by a seasoned medicinal herbalist to help soothe rashes and irritation.

One important ingredient is Bentonite clay, which can bind itself to and draw out oils like those from poison ivy—so they get washed off with the soap. There are also generous amounts of sassafras root bark, which has a naturally-occurring antihistamine that can help soothe the uncomfortable symptoms associated with eczema and psoriasis.

To maximize the all-natural ingredients’ power, some are steeped and aged. And the soap is super smooth on one side and grainer on the other, offering some very benign exfoliating as well as cleansing.

If you’re using the soap preemptively, leave it on for five minutes then rinse. But if you’re treating an already-developed irritation, you can actually lather and leave it to dry without rinsing.