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The eTape16 is a digital tape measure that displays results as you measure. Quickly convert measurements to a variety of formats, calculate midpoints, and store results.

  • Materials: Polycarbonate, lithium battery, steel
  • Care: Wipe with cloth
  • Hold button: Retain your last measurement—eTape will blink, press hold again to release the measurement
  • Dual Memory (M1 & M2 button on front): Press either button for one second to retain a measurement. Pull out the tape, press hold, then press M1 or M2 to retain, do again to retain second measurement
  • Blade lock: Ensures tape measure stays in place once pulled out OR does not open (child safety)
  • Midpoint button: Calculates the midpoint based on how far the tape has been pulled out (ex: 10" will show a 5" midpoint)
  • Rezero button: Press and hold for 3 seconds to reset the tape holdings
  • Arrows Button: Select inside (tape measure to the beginning of the case) or outside (includes the additional size of the case piece to the edge of what you measure) measurements
  • Also able to convert standard inches from feet or to the metric system in cm
  • Power saving—turn on by pulling out tape measure. Turns off by itself after five minutes not in use
  • Retraceable tape maxes out at 16 feet
  • Measures up to 0.06" accuracy
  • Uses CR 2032 lithium batteries
  • Made in Korea
  • Dimensions: 3" x 1.25" x 2.75", tape blade width is 0.75"
  • Weight: 0.58 lb.

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Best ever tape measure!

1/14/2019 by Dee

As my eyesight got worse over the years I found myself squinting more often. This digital tape measure has solved this problem. It’s especially good for INSIDE measuring. As a Master Electrican I use it everyday. Worth the price! You won’t be disappointed.More > < Less


Great stocking stuffers

1/7/2019 by Patricia

All three men love use ing the eTape 16.


measuring tools

1/7/2019 by Carol

`I gave this to my husband as he is always fixing things and in his garage. As we get older, I felt it helps in seeing things better. He likes it. I think it is a great idea.More > < Less


Good choice

1/5/2019 by Kym

Good choice for what I wasn't sure would go over too well for the traditionalist who measures twice or often three times to cut once. Makes measuring easy and clear.More > < Less


Son-in-Law likes

1/4/2019 by Mary

I got this as a gift for my son-in-law. He really likes it. You can store measurements in the memory to work with later.

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eTape16 - Digital Tape Measure

About eTape16

Calculated Ease

Inventor Stephen Crane has spent 15 years on a mission: to make a better tape measure. eTape16 is his third iteration—an easy-to-use physical measuring tape with digital readouts and functions.

As you lengthen the measuring tape, the measurement displays on screen. Tap a button to save. Or convert measurements quickly (from fractions to decimals, or inches to centimeters, for example) and calculate midpoints (great for helping to hang a picture). And no need to bend the tape when measuring into a corner—just select the back of the device as the starting point.

This digital measuring tape simplifies projects with less lunging for paper and pencil and less math to mess up.