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Practical Gifts

Sometimes the most appreciated gifts are the ones they'll use everyday—and those are exactly the types of discoveries you'll make in this collection. All of these practical gifts help life go a little more smoothly or solve daily problems. Your recipient will think of you every time they use one of these unique helpers.


Personal Values

Heavy-Duty Storage Straps
by Wrap-It Storage
Cast Iron Spice Grinder
by Zassenhaus
Rooftop Ladder Stabilizer & Standoff
by Sargent Consumer Products
no reviews yet
Hand-Held Garlic Mincer
by GarlicTwister
Smartignition Electric Lighter
by Proud Grill Company
Collapsible LED Lantern - Set of 2
by Vont
Portable Door Lock
by My Door Defense
180 Degree Flashlight
by TripleLite
Magnet Closure Accessory
by MagneButton
Woodgrain Wrap Dispenser & Cutter
by ChicWrap®
Dual Purpose Pillowcase for Wet Hair
by DryZzz
Emergency Phone Charger Keychain
by AtomXS
Handbag Problem-Solver
by Handbag Handcuff
Single-Level Adjustable Standing Desk
by Uncaged Ergonomics
Garage Organization Storage Straps
by Wrap-It Storage
Scrub~Bar™ Multi-Sided Sponge 2 Pack
by Kitchenology®
Adult Active Sitting Stool
by ErgoErgo
Bright Daylight LED Makeup Mirror 2.0
by Spotlite HD
no reviews yet
Coconut Palm Outdoor Broom
by Better!Broom
Reusable Swab
by LastObject
Universal Cup Holder Phone Mount
Toilet Paper Foam & Dispenser Set
by Fohm Co
Rolling Cargo Bag
Geekey Keychain Multi-Tool
by Carve Design
The Original Never Soggy Cereal Bowl
by OBOL®
Liquid Plastic Welder Starter Kit
by Bondic
Wobble Stool Standing Desk Chair
by Uncaged Ergonomics
no reviews yet
Push & Hang Picture Hanging Tool
by Hangman Products
Origami Pocket Clamshell Tech Pouch
by Peak Design
Pocket Chainsaw
by Supreme Products
SILO Golf Club Carrier
Silicone Stretch Lids - 5 Pack
by Food Guard
Carbon Smartphone Cleaner
by SmartKlear
3-in-1 Shovel & Rake Sifter
by Golden Gark
The Abacus® Hand & Arm Massager
by Gelliflex®
Tight Space Paint Brush
by Paint Behind
Ergonomic Walking Stick
by Brazos
Custom Night Guard
Ergonomic Composite Scraper Tool Kit
by MiniScraper®
OTC Compression Socks
by TrueEnergy
Cinch Straps For Storage
by Wrap-It Storage
Heat-Resistant Cooking & Grilling Gloves
by Grill Armor Gloves
CleanKey™ Brass Hand Tool
by KeySmart
Wall Mounted Clothing Drying Rack
by Laundranet
Clip-On Glasses Holder
by ReadeREST
Adult Blue Light Blocking Glasses
by MarsQuest
no reviews yet
Lock & Secure Earring Back
by Chrysmela
Multifunctional Blade Sharpener Tool
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