The Wand™ Wine Filter

By PureWine

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This one-use wine filter lets you enjoy wine without some of the unpleasant side effects. It removes histamines and sulfites, which are found in most wines and can cause reactions like congestion, red cheeks, and a headache. Swirl The Wand™ Wine Filter in your glass of wine, wait a few minutes, and you're good to start sipping. It won't affect your wine’s flavor and it's portable, easy to use, and disposable.

  • Made in the USA: Philadelphia, PA
  • Materials: Polypropylene 80%, cellulose fabric 2%, nanopore beads 18%
  • Directions: Place The Wand™ in one 6-8 ounce glass of wine and swirl. Allow wand to soak in glass for 3-8 minutes. Remove wand and discard
  • Nanopore resin inside each wand absorbs allergen inducing histamines and sulfites from wine
  • The only wine filter to remove both histamines and sulfites
  • Can help alleviate wine headaches, congestion, facial flushing, and hangover-like effects
  • Portable, individually packaged design
  • Will not affect taste or alcohol content in wine
  • Works almost instantly
  • Food-safe and BPA-free
  • Please note: Disposable, one time use filters work best with 6-8 ounce glasses of wine. Filters are not recommended for repeated use as they will have lost filtering efficacy with additional uses
  • Dimensions: 10 Pack: 6.25" x 2.75" x 6.25"; 30 Pack: 6.75" x 7" x 6.75"
  • Weight: 10 Pack: 0.06 lb.; 30 Pack: 0.6 lb.

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These work great, everyone I’ve given these to agrees!
Just wish they were not so expensive.




Works very well. No longer have a reaction to red red wines


great product


Does exactly what is says it does. No allergies from wine again!


No stuffiness or headache!


This little wand REALLY works!!! No more nasal stuffiness--no more headache!!!! Now I can go out for dinner, or a party, and have no need toe no need to worry about Sulfites. All I have to do is use a wand for a glass of wine. Now I CAN go to wine tastings!More > < Less


A life saver


Actually it's a wine drinker savior. I ran out of the wands but really wanted a glass (or two) of red to go with my steak. Had red flush, headache and sour stomach almost within the hour of consuming the wine. My next wand order came the next day so I tried the red again. No problems. I didn't even have a sinus problem. I'm going to have my local liquor store handle these. I can't be the only person in Nebraska with wine allergies.More > < Less

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About PureWine

Wine Filter

David Meadows and his son Derek wanted to create a wine filter to combat the stuffy nose and headache-y reaction David experienced when he drank red wine. They discovered that wine, particularly red wine, is packed with sulfites (which are used as a preservative) and natural histamines. These allergens can cause congestion, facial flushing, and hangover-like feelings for some drinkers, like David.

It took the Meadows five years to perfect their solution: The Wand™ and The Wave™ Wine Filters. They're pint-sized filters that remove the bulk of sulfites and histamines—and their side effects—in a glass or bottle of wine, without affecting taste, aroma, or color.

Nanopore beads sealed in the single-use device absorb up to 95% of wine allergens. It's disposable and easy to take along with you. Just give it a swirl in your glass and let it soak for three minutes before drinking.