PERK UP Massage Balls

By t spheres

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A bit of peppermint mixed with grapefruit to improve concentration and circulation for those days and flights that seem endless.

  • Material: Purified rubber compound
  • Ingredients: Peppermint and grapefruit essential oils; Re-infuser ingredients: (3 ml) Oil in re-infuser has same essential oils in HOBACARE Jojoba base
  • Care: Rinse with cool water and refresh with oils
  • Each t spheres set includes: two t spheres, 3 ml infuser, and instructional brochure in a portable jute drawstring bag
  • t spheres measure: 45 mm
  • The t spheres ball will vary in color due to each production using a new supply of essential oil and jojoba. No binders or additives were used; oils in re-infuser may separate or solidify due to temperature changes
Peppermint's beneficial qualities:
  • Natural decongestant that improves concentration
  • Relieves stomach and gastrointestinal ailments such as indigestion and travel sickness
  • Natural pain reliever (headache relief)
Grapefruit's beneficial qualities:
  • Reduces fluid retention
  • Detoxifier and antidepressant

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Great source of relief

5/15/2018 by Anthony

My wife and I use these to help relax after a hard day. Rolling them on our forearms, wrists, foreheads and backside works out a lot of tension. Especially when you add in some aromatherapy as well.
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Great for the stress in my back

6/20/2016 by Mary

I Love these massage balls. They have helped relieve the stress at the end of a long day.

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t spheres - aromatherapy-infused massage balls

About T spheres

Time To Relax

With our jam-packed lives tossing us in every direction, sometimes you need stress relief in between massage appointments.

Practicing massage therapist Stephanie Whittier has come up with THE solution: T Spheres. After two decades in the business and a thorough study of pain management, Stephanie created these amazing massage spheres that release a calm, soothing aroma of 100% natural essential oils.

The sets are infused with pure essential oils like peppermint for energizing or relieving headaches; lavender for relaxation and calming nervous tension; and grapefruit for detoxifying. The double purified rubber compound balls should be rolled gently on the tension points to treat a variety of problems from headache and insomnia to backache and foot pain.

T spheres can be refreshed with the re-infuser oil included in the set, can be chilled in the freezer (good for chasing down that headache), or microwaved for 1-2 minutes with water in a microwave-safe bowl (for warm relief in other areas). They come in a small portable jute drawstring bag, making them perfect for traveling—a welcome gift for the road warrior.

Take a little time to relax with T spheres; the anytime, anywhere massage system that smells good and feels great.