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Save your ears from ill-fitting Apple earbuds. Snap them into this earbud hook. It loops around the outside of your ear—so no more jamming buds in to stay put. Mold the flexible loop to give your earbuds a custom, comfortable fit. They’ll stay in your ears, too, whether you’re exercising or hanging out.

  • Materials: Plastic clip attachment, rubber earloop with bendable wire
  • Care: Remove headphones and rinse with water, wipe with dry cloth
  • Flexible hook adjusts to fit any ear shape
  • Unique joint attachment easily clips onto headphones
  • Soft rubber prevents outer ear soreness
  • Great for running, sports, outdoors, commuting, and everyday use
  • For use with oval EarPods that come with Apple iPhone 5/5s, 6/6s, & 6/6s+ models only. Designed specifically for Apple EarPods only
  • Headphones not included
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 2.5" x 1.5" x .35"
  • Weight: 0.062 lb.

40 Reviews (3.8 out of 5 Grommets)

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6/30/2016 by Joan

I hated my earbuds until I got a pair of these. No more popping out, no more sound on one side and not the other, no more constantly trying to get them to be comfortable. Worth every penny.More > < Less


Solved my problem !

6/21/2016 by Renee

If your small ear canals are constantly dropping your earbuds....These clips are for you. Worked perfectly with my IPhone 6Plus. So happy to have them.More > < Less


Great for workouts!

6/21/2016 by James

Works better than expected. The ear "hooks" mold to your ear and prevent the ear buds from falling out when working out. I'm very pleased with this product.More > < Less


Finally my earbuds stay in!

6/17/2016 by Nickie, Columbia, MO

My earbuds always fell out, I thought perhaps my ears were shaped in a way that I would always be fussing with the earbuds. I tried headphones that had an over the ear piece, but they never fit right either. EARBUDi solved this issue. With the flexible arm over the ear: problem SOLVED! Its comfortable, stays in place, I get clearer sound, and can lower the over all volume of the music or call. I also wore these on a recent 8 mile bike ride and never had to adjust them once. I HIGHLY recommend this product if you have encountered the issues I mentioned above.More > < Less


So comfy..

5/26/2016 by Kathleen

I really like the GOBUDi...I have small ears and the worst time trying to find clips that fit, stay on, and are comfortable--these do the job!!!!

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Make the earbuds you have fit perfectly.

About GOBUDi

Listen in Comfort

EARBUDi is an earbud hook that makes those one-size-fits-all Apple earbuds work for every ear.

Snap them inside these over-the-ear loops. The flexible design lets you shape them to fit perfectly—and comfortably. Whether you’re at work or working out, your earbuds will stay put.

Gordon Beckhart created EARBUDi for hitting the slopes, running, or even just walking around. After trying several different styles without success, he went back to the standard issue Apple earbuds. He invented this so they would fit well enough to experience their high sound quality.

If you like to hear the noise around you, you can even wear your hooks a little looser. Whatever your preferred fit, Apple’s earbuds now conform to you.