Reusable Female Urination Device

By GoGirl

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For women, the question of how to pee standing up now has an easy answer. This reusable silicone funnel will adapt to your body while its anti-spill and -splash design keeps things tidy and mess free. It’s perfect for camping trips, festivals, and those bathrooms you don’t want to touch.

  • Made in the USA: WI
  • Materials: Germ-resistant, medical-grade silicone
  • Care: Top-rack dishwasher safe or hand wash with soap and warm water
  • Includes one urination device, storage tube, and instruction bag
  • Unique, ergonomic shape
  • Reusable, easy to clean design
  • Great for camping, hiking, travel, festivals, and outdoors
  • How-to Guide
  • Dimensions: 6" x 5" x 4"
  • Weight: 0.06 lb.

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Fits in a purse or pocket


Once you figure out the right way to roll it up and stow it in the pouch properly, it's perfect for travel of camping.


Blessed Relief


Never knew such a product was out there and could have used it many times in the past. It folds and fits easily in small carry bags, is comfortable, and easily does the job. Thank u for helping ease this basic travel worry!More > < Less




This is the greatest idea since sliced bread for traveling! The bushes beside the highways of America will thank you! (and so will passing traffic!)


Shy lady success story


When ya gotta go, ya gotta go - even if you're on the Pennsylvania turnpike. I was able to pull off at one of their stops, open the back carthe back car door which offered a privacy shield, gently lady-like lift of the side of my skirt, pull panty to side, relieve myself into a pre-prepared empty laundry detergent bottle. Easy-peezy. No tell-tale urinary stream to splash on the ground, no tell-tale desperate squatting, no suffering either. Very glad I bought it!!!More > < Less


Can't wait till it snows!


I do a lot of camping and road tripping. I love this!

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GoGirl | The Grommet

About GoGirl

Stand-up Solution

For every woman who has wondered how to pee standing up, GoGirl has you covered.

This reusable, flexible funnel folds into a small, portable capsule you can take camping, to festivals, or anywhere beyond the bathroom grid. It’s made from an anti-microbial, medical-grade silicone that conforms to your body. And the design specifically prevents drips. You no longer have to brainstorm postures, boycott liquids, or undress all the way.

Washing the funnel is easy—just use soap and water. For a deep clean, you can even put it in boiling water or in the top rack of your dishwasher.

With GoGirl’s intuitive, discreet design, it’s way less daunting to go on the go.