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Silicone Lids & Straw - Set of 3

By GoSili

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Transform any glass or mug into a spill-proof cup for adults. These stretchy, non-toxic silicone lids create a suction seal that keeps beverages neatly contained. And they work just as well for kids, too.

  • Materials: Silicone
  • Care: Before first use, wash with warm water and soap and boil in water for 2 minutes to sterilize. Dishwasher safe, top or bottom rack
  • Includes: Three universal silicone lids and one silicone straw
  • Instructions: Make sure the lid and cup are dry for a proper grip. Stretch and pull over the top of the cup, pull down on the sides. Insert straw
  • Give your cup a no-spill straw top in seconds
  • Silicone top stretches over and grips top of multiple size cups up to 4.5” in diameter
  • Perfect for on-the-go or at-home use
  • Great for bringing to a restaurant to make instant no-spill straw lid for children
  • Makes it easy to avoid using plastic cups
  • Air suction keeps the lid in place
  • Please note: While the lids have a super stretch, they can still tear if not used properly. Use with care when taking on and off cups. If damaged, discontinue use
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 2.5" diameter x 1.25"
  • Weight: 0.04 lb.

To Go With Silicone Lids & Straw - Set of 3

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Wonderful Invention


As a parent of a disabled child, this product not only keeps from messy spills, it provides some “grip” making the glass easy to hold onto.
The only thing that I was disappointed about is that it only comes with one straw. Other straws do work, but the one that comes with it works the best.
I recommend this product to anyone with kids, or anyone with people who just need that extra help keeping their beverage in the glass.
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Love them but I only had one straw


I absolutely loved the silicone covers but there was only one straw I looked in the box to make sure


A+ These kids are great ! I love them I use them for my grandson.


These are great I use them for my grandsons drinks.


Great option for taking our drinks on the go


We use the silicone lids on jars and glasses to freeze our beverages and like healthier option over water bottles.


Work Great


These even worked on plastic cups (weaker plastic as well as the stronger kind). I don't like my children to put them on the cups though, we've had a few spills that way (trying to get the silicone lid around the cup and a slip of the hand and away the drink goes). But otherwise, no spills once the lid is on! Went ahead and bought 2 packages worth!More > < Less

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About GoSili

Silicone Solution

GoSili grabbed our attention because of their lids that make spill-proof cups for adults and kids, and for their entirely silicone travel mug. These clever solutions make taking drinks to-go—and avoiding plastics—easier and less messy.

The stretchy silicone lids fit over just about any drinking glass or cup and create a spill-proof seal. And the travel mug is made entirely from silicone, but still holds its shape thanks to an embedded stainless-steel ring that gives it structure—and that is microwave-friendly for reheats, too.

If you’re not on the silicone bandwagon yet, this material has a lot of good going for it. It’s non-toxic, BPA-free, and dishwasher and microwave safe. It won’t break down with use like some plastics can. And, by switching to silicone, you aren’t creating any toss-away waste.