Compost Shredder

By Ecotonix

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Designed to make composting quick and convenient by starting the process in your kitchen or pantry. This composter shreds your food scraps to the ideal size for composting. Hand-shredded food scraps speed up compost time and preserve more of the valuable nutrients your plants need.

  • Made in the USA: Denver, CO
  • Materials: Plastic, stainless steel
  • Care: Dishwasher safe
  • Place the shredded food scraps directly into the soil or move it from the Green Cycler bin to an outdoor composter
  • Ick-free kitchen scrap recycler
  • Hand-operated stainless steel shredder
  • Self-contained blade system, snaps in and out for quick clean-up
  • Safe, optimized shredding
  • Fully removable lid with clear viewing window
  • Micro-vented to reduce odor-causing bacteria
  • Includes re-chargeable odor filter
  • Dimensions: 13" x 13" x 10"
  • Weight: 9.6 lbs.

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My wife loves it!!!


Great product! Easy to use and easy to clean.


Compost Shredder


Really nice. We love it. We now argue over who gets to use it~ It also speed-ed up composting time! Great product, however you really need to get two of the charcoal bags. Fair and good price.More > < Less


Love it


I love this! I live in the city with only a small area for outside compost bin. This little device means that I empty my kitchen compost less often; plus helps my outside bin move things along!

It's light, but very sturdy. Keeps the smell and fruit flies away. And (with supervision) my 3 year old grandson loves to shred.
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excellent device!


I have been composting for years. my wife has objected to keeping the fruit and vegetable debris in an open container on the counter. I purchased the compost shredder as soon as I saw it advertised in the Grommet. It is wonderful. It easily shreds everything I use......normal fruit and vegetables! there is no smell. it empties easily and cleans up very easily! The colors ( silver and black) go very well with the kitchen. The wife is very happy.....I finally did something right!!More > < Less


Clever little machine


As advertised, this unit helps to cut compost up into small pieces to speed the composting process outdoors. The grinding mechanism removes easily for cleaning, and the drawer removes easily for emptying. And, so far, the unit is virtually odorless.More > < Less

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Green Cycler - Compost Shredder

About Green Cycler

Counter to Soil

Greener, cleaner, easier, and faster—it’s no wonder this kitchen compost shredder earned thousands of votes from our community and the support of our judges to become the Ready For Market Winner of the Grommet’s 2014 Product Pitch Contest.

The Ecotonix Compost Shredder is a self-contained countertop solution that makes composting so simple anybody can do it. Crank the handle and a stainless-steel blade chops up food scraps to reduce decomposition time. A lightweight removable bin makes it a breeze to transport compost-ready materials outdoors. The compost shredder even includes an odor-neutralizing element. It requires no electricity and many of its components are dishwasher safe.

Invented by an avid gardener and long time composter, Gail Loos is a fan of composting for its ability to naturally condition your soil, help plants absorb nutrients and minimize plant diseases. But, she was frustrated by the lack of products on the market to help make composting more accessible.

With its green eco-friendly mission and mess-free, hassle-free design, this compost shredder was a natural pick to go from Product Pitch straight to Grommet status.