Snap Toothbrush System

By Greener Step

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This reusable toothbrush handle, complete with disposable snap on brush heads, is the key to eco-friendly dental care.

  • Materials: Nylon bristles, polypropylene handle
  • Includes: 2 toothbrush handles and 12 replaceable brush heads
  • "Snap" system securely locks brush head to the handle
  • Reusable handle
  • Reduces plastic waste and packaging
  • 1 Red brush handle and 1 Blue brush handle. Bristles are color-coded for easy identification
  • Angled brush head for gentler and deeper cleaning
  • Soft brush heads
  • Multi-level bristles for better plaque removal
  • BPA-free
  • Dishwasher safe handle
  • For optimal results, replace brush heads every 3 months
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 7.8" x 1.65" x 2"
  • Weight: 0.17 lb.

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Nice product, one recommendation


I've just started using the brush recently and find the quality comparable to the better commercial brands out there. One suggestion I have for the inventor is to make the brush head a little smaller in depth if possible. I have a small mouth, and this toothbrush head is a little more combersome in my mouth due to its size. I appreciate the product for sustainablity reasons and the cost is very reasonable. A smaller toothbrush head would be more comfortable. I'll probably get use to it over time though. I recommend trying it to see how it fits for you individually.More > < Less


Good concept for dental health!


Nice to use each toothbrush head only a month and then snap the next one in, great for dental health!


Easy to assemble


I bought the Greener step snap toothbrushes for myself. It is a good toothbrush, and I love the concept that I can click on a new brush using the same handle. Plus, I won't need to buy any toothbrushes for a long time. A good value as well.More > < Less


Awesome product - 2nd year purchase


I purchased a set of these a year ago. Just prior to using my last set of bristles I ordered a set for this year. The bristles work fabulously, even a bit longer than the month. I used my Snap Toothbrush twice daily. The second brush in the set was gifted to a friend who also has also enjoyed saving moneyMore > < Less


Great system especially in flu season!


I have been using this toothbrush system for about 2 years now. I love that I can change out the heads after I have had a cold or a virus. I also used it for my 92 year old mother, changing out heads whenever a flu or cold broke out where she lived. This year I am giving several for gifts for small children who bring germs home from school. I am a recycler and find this system to be very "green"!More > < Less

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Greener Step - Snap Toothbrush

About Greener Step

Snap to it

We all know that we’re supposed to change our toothbrushes regularly (the American Dental Association recommends replacing them every three to four months). Yet, most of us keep on brushing with the same old toothbrush longer than we should. Not anymore...

With the Snap Toothbrush by Greener Step, it couldn’t be more convenient or cost-effective to follow your dentist’s guidelines. When it’s time for a new brush, simply snap out the old head and snap in a new one. Invented by Greener Step founder, Roberto Rivera, this replaceable head toothbrush was designed with the help of oral care professionals in Boston, Massachusetts.

Each Snap Value pack comes with two ergonomically designed handles plus 12 replaceable brush heads diamond shaped for easier access to back teeth, angled for a gentler, deeper clean, and featuring multi-level bristles for better plaque removal.

And, if that’s not reason enough to smile, the Snap Brush was created with an eco-friendly goal in mind—to help reduce unnecessary plastic waste. Now you can make your pearly whites cleaner and the world a little greener while you brush.