Hands-Free Bag Carrier

By Grocery Gripps


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Instead of straining your fingers with circulation-cutting bag handles, this nylon grocery bag carrier balances out the load and frees up your hands. Thread the grip through your bag handles. It’ll spread the weight evenly over stronger body parts—the shoulder or wrist—freeing you your hands and making bag carrying more comfortable.

  • Material: Nylon webbing
  • Care: Hand wash and hang dry
  • Instructions: Loop Gripp through bag handles and choose either wrist or shoulder mode to carry multiple bags
  • Velcro fasteners keep bags together
  • Evenly distributes weight over the entire surface of the grip
  • Handle allows use of stronger muscle groups, including wrist or shoulder rather than fingers
  • Tested to ensure that bag handles won’t break
  • Compact and flexible for easy storage
  • Versatile and easy-to-use
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 11" x 4" x 0.5"
  • Weight: 0.14 lb.

29 Reviews (4.3 out of 5 Grommets)

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Love this Device!

1/4/2018 by Melda

I had a stroke and my left arm/hand are non-functional. However, with this strap, I am able to carry multiple sacks looping around my non-functioning arm, and it holds the items in place. Wonderful!! Thanks so much for inventing this!More > < Less


Simple, Lightweight, but Mighty

12/29/2017 by De

I purchased this product, liked it so much purchase two more to give as Christmas gifts. It has saved me from multiple trips from car to home after grocery shopping.More > < Less


This is great!

12/28/2017 by Judith

I love bags with handles because I can carry so many at a time but they always cut into my skin so badly. With this strap I can carry them on my wrist and over my shoulder. The only limitation I have found is weight. I have also fastened the bags together in the back of my car to keep the contents from rolling around. I highly recommend this strap.More > < Less


Trouble free carrying

10/26/2017 by Paula

Went to the Southern Women's show and took this along. Needed it because Vendors give many goodies away. Saves your shoulders and your wrist from carrying multiple bags.More > < Less


Great bag carrier

9/1/2017 by Shirley

This product was great for a 67 year-old mom who no longer has the use of her right hand and arm. I love them. They make me feel useful again.

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Tired of multiple trips to carry grocery bags?

About Grocery Gripps

Fewer Trips

This grocery bag carrier lets you carry many bags, comfortably. Cut down on trips from the car or make urban grocery hauling easier.

The simple nylon-webbed strap balances weight evenly over your shoulder and wrist—so you can carry more. You’ll even be able to hold your phone or keys while your wrists and shoulders to do the heavy lifting. And by heavy lifting, we’re talking up to 200 pounds.

Maker Patrick Hopple wanted to prevent that infamous circulation-cutting finger strain and—what he calls—the “bend and wait.” It’s that awkward pose where you wait with your fingers lingering on your bags.

Thread the grip through you bag handles, then bring the fasteners together to carry them seamlessly from the store to the car or bus to the house.