Hands-Free Bag Carrier

By Grocery Gripps


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Instead of straining your fingers with circulation-cutting bag handles, this nylon grocery bag carrier balances out the load and frees up your hands. Thread the grip through your bag handles. It’ll spread the weight evenly over stronger body parts—the shoulder or wrist—freeing you your hands and making bag carrying more comfortable.

  • Material: Nylon webbing
  • Care: Hand wash and hang dry
  • Instructions: Loop Gripp through bag handles and choose either wrist or shoulder mode to carry multiple bags
  • Velcro fasteners keep bags together
  • Evenly distributes weight over the entire surface of the grip
  • Handle allows use of stronger muscle groups, including wrist or shoulder rather than fingers
  • Tested to ensure that bag handles won’t break
  • Compact and flexible for easy storage
  • Versatile and easy-to-use
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 11" x 4" x 0.5"
  • Weight: 0.14 lb.

29 Reviews (4.3 out of 5 Grommets)

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11/2/2018 by Sandra

My daughter has used it and thinks it works well. Far fewer trips back to the car.


Did what it says...

6/14/2017 by Sara

You can definitely carry multiple bags... but if they're heavy bags, make multiple trips!



7/25/2018 by Barbara

Not bad, not good. Just puts the grocery weight in a different position. Stresses the elbow, too.


It works, however . . .

12/7/2017 by Amily

I have used it and it did what it was supposed to, however, I do not regularly use it and have not found it to be a life-saver of any sort. It takes time to fish it through a lot of bags, and if you need one of the bags then you have to unhook at least some of them to get it off the band - again takes time. I seem to be quicker at just grabbing all the handles. It does carry a lot of weight but I am not strong so I can't lift it with a lot of weight on it to begin with! So it does what it says, but I don't have the kind of use for it that I hoped for.More > < Less


Okay, but not great.

5/3/2017 by Laura

The Grocery Grips are okay, they do help you carry several bags at once, but grouping the bags together just makes them that much heavier to carry.More > < Less

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Tired of multiple trips to carry grocery bags?

About Grocery Gripps

Fewer Trips

This grocery bag carrier lets you carry many bags, comfortably. Cut down on trips from the car or make urban grocery hauling easier.

The simple nylon-webbed strap balances weight evenly over your shoulder and wrist—so you can carry more. You’ll even be able to hold your phone or keys while your wrists and shoulders to do the heavy lifting. And by heavy lifting, we’re talking up to 200 pounds.

Maker Patrick Hopple wanted to prevent that infamous circulation-cutting finger strain and—what he calls—the “bend and wait.” It’s that awkward pose where you wait with your fingers lingering on your bags.

Thread the grip through you bag handles, then bring the fasteners together to carry them seamlessly from the store to the car or bus to the house.