Deep Root Watering Vessel

By GrowOya

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This porous terracotta vessel waters plants naturally and efficiently, right at their roots. With the Oya, the water doesn’t run off or evaporate like it does when you water at the surface. Simply plant the Oya in the ground and fill with water every few days. Your plants get exactly what they need and you save water and time.

  • Material: Terracotta
  • Care: Remove from soil before the ground freezes. Rinse with water
  • Saves Time: Water only every few days
  • Saves Water: Surface water is inefficient. Watering slowly at the roots produces a water saving up to 50-70%
  • Higher Yield: Well watered plants produce more flowers and more food
  • Plant 24" apart, coverage area of up to 2 ft.
  • Small Oya is designed for patio or porch pots and planters–small growing spaces of up to 2 feet long and/or wide. This versatile size can be planted in any garden space with 6 inches of soil or more
  • Medium Oya is great for planter boxes, small raised beds, and larger containers. A 6’ x 3’ raised bed is perfect with 2 medium Oyas
  • Comes with silicone lid to keep evaporation in and critters out (mosquitos, lizards, and other insects)
  • Sizing Chart
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: Small: 5" x 7"; Medium: 7" x 10"
  • Weight: Small: 1.66 lbs; Medium: 4 lbs
  • Fluid Capacity: Small: 33.81 fl. oz.; Medium: 101 fl. oz.

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5/10/2015 by Rod

The product arrived well-packed so no breakage. Probably would order a size larger but they are in the ground. Will see how they work.



5/4/2015 by MP

Wonderful Product for my planter that is in full sun!


Looking Good so far

4/27/2015 by robin

We have been fascinated by our GrowOyas. We live in California and are trying to find ways to use less water and still be able to grow a few plants. We consider our purchase a kind of experiment.
So far it's been good. The soil seems to be watered slowly and evenly and there is no evaporation or run off. We are paying attention to how often we need to fill the GrowOya and will be comparing how the plants grow.
In the spirit of experimentation we ordered several more and shipped them to our grandson who at 8 has decided gardening is his new favorite hobby. We will be sharing results between families.
I foresee nothing but good from using this product or the method of watering. Here's to a good season!
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4/26/2015 by Janice

The two I ordered are wonderful in my garden. What a great idea!


Perfect Solution for Water Conservation.

4/26/2015 by Anita

I love my Oyas! I have them in my butterfly garden, my herb and vegetable garden and a flower bed that didn't get enough water from sprinkler. We are in a drought and have water rationing. These are the perfect solution. I believe I will also get better results in my garden because of the deep watering.More > < Less

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GrowOya - Deep Root Watering Vessel

About GrowOya

Dig This

It can be easy to forget to water plants and we often waste water when we do. GrowOya solves both issues, elegantly.

This terracotta watering system simplifies—and improves—the process of caring for your plants. Simply dig the Oya into the soil (with the spout exposed) and fill it up every few days. Boom . . . you’re done. The Oya and your plants work together to do the rest.

The Oya’s porous terracotta material releases water slowly near the roots, where it's needed. This method saves a LOT of water (up to 70%) because it reduces runoff and evaporation. Put one or more pots in places that the hose or sprinklers can’t reach. Or use them anywhere and everywhere for effective, efficient watering.

Founder Josh McWilliams wanted to water his rooftop garden sustainably. So when he discovered the “olla” (pronounced ‘oya’), an ancient way of gardening with terracotta pots, he saw a chance to change the way people care for their gardens today. Fellow Founders Kenny Torrance and Brant Cheetham joined and GrowOya was born.

With the time-honored wisdom of the Oya, you’ll save time, save water, and grow happier plants.